Blocknubie ICO: Helping Startups Board The Blockchain

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It is good to find a company that does what it says on the tin, like Blocknubie: block for blockchain and nubie for, well, newbie. Its CEO, Loughlin Nestor, has worked with startups for many years. In fact, his previous incarnation, Nubie, was a world first, offering the first cloud-based online mentoring system for startups. Read More

Meet The 26-Year Old Entrepreneur Bringing Securities Lending To The Crypto Economy

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Lendingblock is the world’s first cross-blockchain securities lending platform for crypto. The platform allows crypto asset holders to lend out their securities to borrowers in the short to medium term, and receive regular interest payments in return. Borrowers can obtain the crypto assets they need without having to buy them outright in the open market. Lendingblock are Read More

Bitcoin Developer Jimmy Song To Train And Pay Bitcoin Devs In ‘Platypus Labs’

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Jimmy Song, Bitcoin developer and venture partner at Blockchain Capital, has announced a new initiative called Platypus Labs, designed to educate and compensate Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency developers. Platypus Labs will focus on training developers to specifically work with Bitcoin Core, but it could eventually expand to covering developing other altcoins. Blockchain Capital will be funding Read More

Crypto Markets Continue Experiencing Slump, BTC Dips Below $10,000

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Crypto markets have continued their slump, with Bitcoin (BTC) briefly dipping below $10,000 today, Feb. 22, and altcoin Ethereum (ETH) edging closer to $800, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Total market cap is down as well, around $430 bln by press time, down from last week when it broke $500 bln. Bitcoin is currently trading Read More

Spanish Police Officer Dies After Clashes With Russian Football Fans

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A police officer has died in the Spanish city of Bilbao following clashes involving Russian football fans. Several hundred supporters of Athletic Bilbao and Spartak Moscow came to blows near the San Mames stadium ahead of their UEFA Europa League match Thursday. Inocencio Alonso, 51, was hospitalized during the clashes and subsequently suffered a heart Read More

How ‘Putin’s Cook’ Prigozhin Fed America’s Appetite for Disinformation

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Mikhail Metzel/ TASS (Bloomberg) — In November 2013, three Russian political operatives flew from Moscow to New York. Over the next few days, the men toured Manhattan, took side trips to Washington and Detroit, drank vodka at a Brighton Beach restaurant, and had a guitar singalong with Russian emigres. It was a whirlwind, but they had no Read More

Robert Mueller files 32 new fraud charges against ex-Trump aides

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More than 30 new charges, involving millions of dollars of bank and tax fraud, were filed on Thursday against Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and his business partner. The 32 new charges were filed by Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor looking into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and a Russian intelligence operation Read More