Russia Cuts Back HIV Adoption Ban

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A top court has scrapped Russia’s de-facto ban on allowing people who live with HIV to adopt children. The changes were anticipated this summer as part of a broader state strategy to combat the epidemic and reduce stigma. Russia’s strategy to eradicate HIV focuses on working with at-risk groups, spreading awareness and fighting discrimination. Read More Russia Wishes Away Its HIV Read More

Ahead of Rumored Trump-Putin Summit, Flurry of U.S. Officials Visit Russia

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A U.S. congressional delegation will visit Russia ahead of a widely reported summit between Russian president Putin and U.S. president Trump, Russia’s ambassador to the United States confirmed. Russia-U.S. ties have reached post-Cold War lows over allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and widespread cyber-attacks attributed to Russian intelligence. Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign Read More

Where Art Meets Sports: 6 Shows for World Cup Fans

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Not Only Football In Russia, sports only became the subject of the arts in the late 1920s and early 1930s — when sports for recreation became popular — but sports of all kinds quickly became a favorite theme of artists. The New Tretyakov Gallery has gathered some of the most interesting, dramatic, and beautiful paintings, Read More

9 of St. Petersburg’s Best Eats

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Goose Goose Probka Probka on Dobrolyubova is one of six restaurants in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Berlin owned by famous chef and entrepreneur Aram Mnatsakanov. This restaurant offers a traditional Italian menu and is well-known for its large open kitchen. You can choose between more than 100 wines and every day the restaurant bakes fresh Read More

Quiz: in which country do you move?

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Russia Nosedives in Global Reputation Ranking

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Russia’s standing has taken a major in hit in the eyes of other countries, according to the latest study of the reputations of nations around the world. The Reputation Institute (RI) consulting firm ranks 55 of the world’s biggest countries based on 58,000 individual ratings evaluating factors that include economic health, safety and governance. Sweden, Read More

Russia Accused of Using World Cup to Bury Bad News

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Opposition politicians accused the Kremlin of using Russia’s World Cup as a cover to avoid dissent while it pushes through unpopular measures, while all eyes are on the country’s sporting successes and a de facto ban in place on political protests. Since the start of the tournament, plans have been set in motion to raise Read More

Moscow’s 21 Best Eats

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Stolovaya 57 Breakfast Cook’s Kareku Serving breakfast 24 hours a day, this is the perfect place to go whether you’re craving Texas-style steak and eggs at seven in the morning, or eggs Benedict at ten at night. You get a discount if you order a breakfast from a part of the world where it’s currently Read More

7 of Moscow’s Must-See Sights

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Pixabay The Moscow Kremlin “Come to me, brother, in Moscow.” With those words written in 1147 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky to his cousin, the history of Moscow began. At the time, Moscow was nothing more than a small trading post located on a high bluff at the intersection of two rivers: the Moscow River and Read More