Cedar barrel: checked by myself

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Cedar barrel (or phyto barrel) is a procedure that practically all more or less large beauty salons and fitness clubs have in the list of their assets. However, to the question of what it gives the body, salon administrators evasively respond that it is “like a sauna,” or they blur with the thought of the tree-cedar about the strength and energy of mother nature. What is the meaning of the 15-minute stay in the heated cedar barrel, is there a marked difference from the sauna, and what effect does this procedure have, the SHE correspondent tried on her own skin.

On average, a one-time procedure in different salons of the city costs 300 rubles and includes sitting in a barrel, without additional activities like rest with herbal teas or grindings. The latter is provided in the fitness phytocenter “Praskovya”, however, for 430 rubles (10% discount for a course in 10 procedures).

Before the beginning of the procedure, I was measured by pressure, I out of curiosity weighed and signed the paper with warning and contraindications: you can not climb into the barrel if there is pregnancy, acute infectious, fungal diseases, venereal diseases, malignant tumors, deep vein thrombophlebitis, atrial fibrillation and aortic aneurysm.

Fibococcus is really a wooden barrel, without a front wall, or with a door inside which there is a bench and a footrest, made for hygienic purposes with polyethylene napkins. A waterproof cover is put on top of the barrel.

Sitting in a barrel – the process is quite comical: the body is hidden, and the head exists separately, like the head of Professor Dowell. 

But you can periodically lower your face down and breathe hot steam with a strong smell of herbs, which even feels good for the throat, lungs and facial skin. However, I did not want to keep my head in the hot steam for a long time, and it was very pleasant that it was possible to come out and breathe normally from there. So I felt that the main advantage of the cedar barrel in front of the sauna in the absence of a knock at the temples and that the head after the procedure is kept clear.

Selecting herbs at their own discretion, focusing on the smell – is dangerous to health. The fact is that some useful herbs themselves in combination with each other or in the wrong proportion give a negative effect – for example, excess in gathering nettles, millennia and ligature thickens the blood, which leads to thrombosis. In the phytocenter visited by me, the herbal collection consists of 40 items, and this recipe is patented as unique.

Within 15 minutes, the air temperature can be reduced or increased depending on the state of health. At first I was soared at 70º C, after 10 minutes I asked to reduce the heat. Sweat began to flow down from the very first minute – this meant that the pores were opened, and all the accumulated toxins began to be excreted from the body, as planned. But the nurse told me that many visitors have a profuse sweating only during the second or third visit to the barrel – so much is slagged the body, or the skin is not accustomed to opening the pores. The level of intoxication of one’s body, unlike the number of kilograms, is very difficult to determine before and after the procedure, so I had to believe the nurse for a word. But judging by the smoothness of the skin, it seemed to me that the cleansing effect is stronger than from the scrub or loofah with shower gel. By the way, 15 minutes I could not stand it, asked to release me from the barrel early – it became hard and uncomfortable. According to the nurse – this is the usual effect of the first visit.

Wrapped in the sheet, I lay down on the couch and I was carefully covered with a blanket. Rest took 15 minutes, during this time I managed to drink a cup of tea from herbs and, it seems, even took a nap. Then the masseur came and offered to start rubbing.

After the fitozhara it is recommended to make a full-fledged massage, but it was enough for me that I slightly stretched my back and rubbed into the skin the smells of the witch’s hut mixture. 

Dull with constant sitting at the computer shoulders stopped worrying. The lotion, which is usually just necessary for the skin after water treatment, was also not needed – the skin was not dry, but very smooth. After the procedure, the scales were shown at 300 grams less – it’s nice for any girl.

I decided to find out from specialists what the barrel is good for the skin. Irina Demidova, cosmetician of the beauty salon Grace, told me that the cedar barrel heals the skin, strengthens its turgor, has an antibacterial effect, removes slag. But the main cosmetic effect of the procedure is anti-cellulite, also a cedar barrel is recommended to be included in the complex of programs for getting rid of excess weight.

General sensations – a good cosmetic effect, like after visiting a sauna or a sauna, a fresh head – you can immediately go to work. The procedure takes much less time than going to the sauna: sitting in the barrel – 15 minutes, rest and massage – 30 minutes.

The action of the special composition of the herbs after the first procedure is not felt – most likely, they can be seen after the entire course – like all homeopathic remedies, it needs to accumulate in the body in order to start acting.

Olga Semenova, specially for SHE

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