Cars: Vladimir Putin finally moved to the limousine domestic production

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Новый лимузин Путина.

New limousine for Putin.

The Russian President finally sat in the first limo of the project “Cortege”. The head of state and drove it two hundred meters. Meanwhile, it became known, what other cars will give the country the initiative in the foreseeable future, how much they will cost and when you get to free exercise.

Салон лимузина.

The back of the limo.

At the ceremony of inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation was shown a new limousine, created in the framework of the state project “Cortege”. On this car the head of state, drove about 200 meters way from the senatorial Palace, the Grand Kremlin Palace through the Ivanovskaya square. Obviously, in the foreseeable future this car will be the main government cars.

Автомобиль проекта Кортеж.

Project car Motorcade.

Length of a limousine “Tuple” is 6 meters and 62 centimeters. Auto width – 2 meters and the height is 1.695 m. Ground clearance – 200 mm. it is Known that the innovative machine was equipped with a hybrid power plant. The unit consists of an electric motor-generator, engine capacity of 4.4 liter V8 with 600 horsepower and automatic 9-speed transmission. The limo is equipped with all-wheel drive. The developed engine was a Russian company KATE.

Новый лимузин главы государства.

A new limousine of the President.

Produced civilian cars of the project “Cortege” will be under the brand Aurus. The brand name, by the way, is derived from Aurum (“gold”) and Russia (“Russia”). According to that were able to get representatives of the private media in the country, models are going to be named after the towers of the Kremlin – “Senate”, “Arsenal” and “Commandant”. It is known that “the Senate” going to call the sedan and limousine Aurus. The name “Arsenal” will be used as the name for a minivan. Finally the name “Commandant” is used for the SUV. By the way, to market the latter will be released SUV. It will happen somewhere at the end of next year.

Denis Manturov, Minister of industry and trade of the country was told that the cost of such car will make about 10 million roubles. Earlier, the official said that the car will cost 6-7 million In sale the first cars will arrive in August-September of 2018.

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