Cars: Extra life hack: How to quickly start the vehicle using the Jack and rope

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Верёвка как система зажигания.

Rope as the ignition system.

Situations in life are different and sometimes to get out of trouble helps creative approach. In this article we will talk about how to start the car using the Jack and the rope. Who knows, maybe once this method will be useful.

Наматываем верёвку на колесо.

Pulls the rope on the wheel.

So, imagine the situation — the battery’s dead, but you don’t have any special equipment… to Push the machine does not work — and what to do in this case? And you need to get the rope and the Jack, they will help. This method is suitable for all vehicles with “automatic” and “mechanics”. The only thing that would work exclusively with a front wheel drive car.

Намотанную веревку нужно нужно резко дернуть.

Wound the rope must pull sharply.

Of course, before it is better again to make sure that the car will not start with the key, then the vehicle need to raise the Jack, and the rope tightly wound on one of the wheels. After that, the rope should pull sharply to spin the wheel. By such manipulations the engine comes to a working state will start. Clearly see the whole process on video.

And another useful life hack will allow to get rid of the cracks on the glass of automobile own.

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