Cars: 3 secret dashboard, which knows not every driver

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Автомобильные секреты.

Car secrets.

Every driver knows how to turn on and which lights to turn on and one time or another. However, not everyone is aware of the symbols on the dashboard. In this review, the story about the “secret” icons that help the driver to more effectively use the dashboard.

1. Marking fog lights

Вот этот символ.

Here this symbol.

There are two very similar icon-semicircles, each of which has a few small horizontal stripes, crossed by a wavy line. One of these icons line flat and it is aimed in the right direction. The second line of directional and aimed it to the left.

The first denotes a rear fog lamp, and the second front. To see these icons on the steering mechanisms turn the light on and on the dashboard.

2. The designation of the ventilation system

Обозначение вентиляции.

Designation ventilation.

A simple icon that looks like arrows going in a circle, or arrows going through the windshield. To see this symbol on the button itself or on the dashboard of the car.

It refers to the system of ventilation and air conditioning. The button with this icon will include the recirculation of air in the vehicle. Such a system will not capture dirty air.

3. Designation of the fuel tank

С какой стороны бак.

Which side of the tank.

It’s hard to find a driver who would not know how the machine is indicated by the gas tank. The symbol column on the dashboard is familiar even to children. However, this simple symbol is not deprived of his little secret. Not everyone knows what the arrow next to this symbol. It is actually quite simple – it shows (recalls) which side the owner of the car the gas cap.

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