Cars: 5 domestic SUVs that have earned national recognition

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Машины на которых не страшно бездорожье.

Machine which is not terrible roads.

The domestic auto industry is a thing, to put it mildly, not the most straightforward. It just so happened that the best thing to do, our designers and engineers (for some reason) turns out things are exceptionally brutal, with high endurance and maneuverability. In other words, the SUVs.

1. UAZ 2206

УАЗ 2206 или Буханка.

UAZ 2206 Loaf or.

The machine, which the common people called “Loaf”. The car features excellent maneuverability off-road, mainly due to its miracle-clearance is 205 mm, and a connected full drive. Equipped with this miracle of technology 2.7-liter gasoline engine 112 HP with a torque of 198 Nm. Austere interior and a hard short-stroke suspension are attached.

2. GAS 4WD

Микроавтобус ГАЗ 4WD.

Van GAS 4WD.

This minibus is somewhat similar to the above mentioned “Loaf”. However, the creation of GAS is higher and larger. It is also known under the name of the Sobol 4×4. There is the same ground clearance is 205 mm, full plug-in drive and engine capacity of 2.8 liters and power of 120 horsepower.

3. UAZ “Patriot”

Вот какой он - Патриот.

That’s what he is a Patriot.

Of course it is impossible not to recall about this “beast”. The clearance of the SUV is as much as 210 mm. Drives a car on the 2.7-liter engine capacity of 135 horsepower. Machine, unfortunately, is not without drawbacks. She was quite voracious, even by the standards of an SUV. Some owners also complain of poor corrosion resistance of the body.

4. Chevrolet Niva

Все-таки она наша, Chevrolet Niva.

After all it is ours, Chevrolet Niva.

Although this car is a joint development, it still can be attributed to domestic SUV. She ground clearance is 200 mm, four-wheel drive and locking center differential. Among other “but” is to provide a not very strong engine for a car of this class – the 1.7-liter engine has a capacity of just 80 horsepower.

5. Lada 4×4

Лучшая Lada.

Best Of Lada.

This car many drivers consider the best domestic SUV and for very good reason. Despite the fact that the model does not change the motor, it all as good as 40 years ago. Clearance Lada is 205 mm. It is characterized by almost “passenger” handling and high reliability.

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