Vehicles: 7 vehicle breakdowns, which should be able to fix each driver “hands”

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Mercedes-Benz W124 – один из тех автомобилей, которые можно чинить своими руками. Фото:

Mercedes-Benz W124 is one of those cars that can be repaired with his own hands. Photo:

From time to time each driver is faced with a small vehicle breakdowns, the removal of which spent a lot of effort and money. But many problems can be avoided if to do small repairs on their hands. More about that can correct even a beginner, see below.

1. Replacement broken indicator

Такая неприятность может случиться с любым автомобилем. | Фото:

This problem can happen with any car. | Photo:

Such a nuisance as a broken headlight or turn signal, could happen to anyone. But the driver should not be upset because of unplanned expenses and, moreover, immediately go to one HUNDRED. These parts are easy to replace with your own hands, which will significantly save the family budget. To repair will need a small screwdriver and 15 minutes of time.

2. Replace the bumper and front wings

На первый взгляд, смотрится как полный беспорядок. | Фото:

At first glance, looks like a complete mess. | Photo:

At first glance, the replacement of body parts such as front fenders, hood, trunk is a complex and time-consuming task. It is therefore often the repair drivers are farmed out to masters for a HUNDRED.

In fact, the hardest part is to remove the bumper. Usually it is fixed with the latches, which are quite easy to break. Sometimes it is enough to watch a video on YouTube of how to disassemble the whole front of the car using a screwdriver and wrenches.

3. New floor for trunk

Эта фанерная заготовка в дальнейшем будет покрыта тканевым материалом или резиной. | Фото:

This plywood blank will be further covered with a fabric material or rubber. | Photo:

Drivers of new cars rarely think about as many mats in the car. But the owners of cars with mileage often have to change these parts of the interior. Especially goes the cardboard floor of the trunk, which is in active use, simply collapses.

Instead of spent on new flooring, it is much cheaper to do it myself. The most simple way – a piece of linoleum. But more practical would be to cut the floor out of plywood or OSB, and it is advisable to take waterproof material. After cutting the sheet barked at the edges and painted. Then the plywood is covered with material the color of the trunk. This new floor will serve a very long time.

4. Replacement antenna

Компактная, но мощная автомобильная антенна. | Фото:

Compact, yet powerful car antenna. | Photo:

On many cars, especially budget class, standard antenna is quite “weak” and “catches” only radio. But on the market you can buy very modern device, which is setting, and the car will be GPS, GSM, and TV signal.

Many drivers charge to install a new antenna specialists per HUNDRED. And that’s exactly the case when their hands can do no worse, free of charge. If you put the new antenna in place of the previous one, on all about all will not need more than 30 minutes. To do this, you do not need to be an electrician.

5. Drag dynamics

Динамик в водительской двери. | Фото:

Speaker in driver’s door. | Photo:

Many vehicles with a solid run dynamics, covered with stretched fabric, have a rather “shabby” look. But few of the drivers know that fix this shortcoming very easily.

It is necessary to remove the cover dynamics and to pull out the old sagging cloth. Further the mesh to apply the adhesive and apply the new matter. When the glue dries, cut the excess, and install the finished cover at the door. For everything it takes max an hour (including the glue) and a few hundred rubles.

6. New seats

Изношенные автомобильные сиденья довольно легко можно заменить на новые. | Фото:

Worn out car seat is very easy to replace with the new. | Photo:

Over the years, intensive use of car seats, especially the driver’s, are deteriorating. And quite often repair the chair is not profitable. Much cheaper to replace them with new or contract (with another used car).

To make it easier. The old seats are removed and replaced on the rails are new. Usually from different manufacturers mount the same, but sometimes there are seats with a unique fastener.

7. The wiper switch

Новенькие стеклоочистители на автомобиле. | Фото:

Brand new wipers on the car. | Photo:

Nothing is more annoying to the driver than a loud slapping of the wiper blades on the windshield. As the drive motor and the regulator of the wipers wear out, the whole mechanism is not working as they should. Replace it – simple.

For this you need to Unclip the brush, remove the plastic trim at the base of the hood, and Unscrew the old regulator. The whole procedure, with subsequent Assembly, takes less than an hour of time even if you do everything very carefully.

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