Ideas for your home: 16 unconventional ideas, how to arrange small balcony on their own

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Как обустроить небольшой балкон.

How to arrange small balcony.

Even the smallest balcony in Studio apartment can make a real island of comfort that will become a terrific place to stay. And it can be done on their own without special material costs and without the help of professionals. The survey collected ideas that will be useful to anyone who decided to do some magic with its balcony.

1. Herbs on the balcony

Зелень на балконе делает его по-настоящему уютным.

Herbs on the balcony makes it really comfortable.

The balcony looks good live greenery. This makes the balcony a real wildlife corner in the city.

2. The balcony is also room

Балкон - это тоже комната.

The balcony is also room.

Any balcony can be made more “lively”. This can be achieved by simply decorating it just like any other room.

3. Graphite Board for balcony

Доска на балконе понравится и детям, и взрослым.

Board on the balcony will appeal to both children and adults.

Why not install on the balcony of the easel. This will make it a favorite place of any creative child.

4. The perfect place to stay

Место, с которого видно всё.

The place where you can see everything.

This little wonder, but the balcony is not only a place for folding of unnecessary things. In fact, this is the perfect place to admire the surroundings.

5. Natural lighting during the day and candles at night

Освещение на балконе может быть разным.

Lighting on the balcony may be different.

Lighting can be different. If you add on to the balcony a few pieces of unobtrusive lamps or candles, it clearly adds more romantic feeling.

6. Furniture unusual and functional

Такая разная балконная мебель.

Such a different balcony furniture.

Functional furniture that serves several purposes at once is always preferable. Because it can be used, for example, for vacation, for work or just to listen to music.

7. A comfortable chair on the balcony

Кресло на балконе для комфортного отдыха.

Chair on the balcony for a comfortable stay.

If the balcony is wide enough, it is possible to fit a small couch or chair. This will create a great place to take a NAP and relax.

8. The right pillow

Выбор подушек для балкона - серьёзное дело.

A choice of pillows for the balcony is serious business.

Not all have glazed balconies. Don’t forget that the outdoor balcony is to choose a cushion of waterproof and slightly fade in the sun tissue.

9. A warm blanket is always appropriate

Плед на балконе - это всегда уместно.

Plaid on the balcony is always appropriate.

A cozy blanket is always good. It will be the perfect addition to chair on the balcony, because the street is not always summer.

10. Spices on the balcony

Пряности на балконе для любителей кулинарии.

Spices on the balcony for cooking lovers.

Interesting and useful idea is to set on the balcony a few boxes in which to grow grass. It will give him more green, and also allow you to use in cooking fresh homemade Basil and rosemary.

11. Just keep her warm

Теплая накидка лишней не будет.

A warm wrap is necessary.

A warm cloak of sheepskin is another thing that can provide a cozy atmosphere at the balcony.

12. Bright colors on the balcony

Яркие цвета на балконе всегда уместны.

Bright colors on the balcony is always appropriate.

In early spring, when not yet turned green all around, could all use some bright colors. Therefore, a bright blanket, colorful striped rug and pillows for the floor will be a great addition to the decor of the balcony.

13. Fresh flowers on the balcony

Зелень на балконе создаёт настроение.

Herbs on the balcony sets the mood.

Fresh flowers should be on every urban balcony.

14. A little bit of eclecticism never hurt

Идеи для самого уютного балкона.

Ideas for the cozy balcony.

Any balcony in any apartment can be given an eclectic atmosphere. For this you just need to combine the various materials.

15. Bright and unobtrusive

Яркие детали создают приятную атмосферу.

Vivid details create a pleasant atmosphere.

For more attractive view you can refresh the design of the balcony with colorful pots. Also well suited to upholstered furniture with unobtrusive patterns.

16. Naturalness in price

Естественность всегда в цене.

Naturalness is always in the price.

The design of the balcony in the cottage style is perfect for modern living. It looks more natural than any other style.

And continuing the theme for another 15 workshops ideas, how to arrange small balcony .

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