Ideas for your home: 8 interior miscalculations that happens to many of us

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Самые досадные интерьерные просчеты, которых можно избежать.

The most annoying interior design mistakes that can be avoided.

In the life of every man there comes a time when you want to change something. You can change the image or wardrobe, and a particularly daring move on and make repairs in the apartment. Not everyone has the education of the designer, therefore, from ignorance of all the intricacies of a make in the process of converting your home typical mistakes. Not to step on the same rake as the other, just take into account what will be discussed in the review.

Mistake # 1 — painting the wall in the first place

Выбор краски - дело серьёзное.

The choice of paint is serious business.

For some reason, this step seems basic to many, but with this case it is better to wait a little. The reason is simple — to find the paint the desired shade not working, and even if the desired tone on the store shelves will be, you can get it yourself, simply mix the desired color. But to pick up the furniture, curtains and carpet to the already painted walls will be much more difficult. So before you buy paint, it is better to first pick the color of the interior.

Mistake # 2 — buy the first paint that took a fancy to the store

В магазине обязательно стоит попросить образцы.

The store should definitely ask for samples.

Hasty decisions are rarely good, especially when it comes to repairs. So do not buy the first any paint, not acquainted before this with the entire palette that is in store. In some stores you have the option to purchase a “sample” paint that is a very good option. It is possible to “try” to furniture, carpet and curtains, to see how a specific color will look in different lighting. By trial, error and experimentation you can find your ideal color, purchase will have no regrets.

Mistake # 3 — excessive sterility

И всё же жизнь в цвете веселее и приятнее.

And yet, life in color, fun and enjoyable.

Here the speech is generally about the tone of the room. Lately more and more popular Scandinavian style, which involves a large amount of light in the room and the same colors in the design. But do not neglect the bright elements which diversify the monotony. Bright pillows, eye-catching carpet, etc. not only spoil the style but will give it uniqueness. Otherwise, being a long time in a continuous “gray” you can just get depressed.

Mistake # 4 — the whole room in a single color

Однотонный интерьер может стать головной болью.

Monochromatic interior can be a headache.

The opposite side of the problem is to choose accessories in the same tone accents. For example, the bright element was chosen the blue sofa, and now there are active searches of the lamp, curtains and carpet of a similar color. The interior will be much more interesting if the room will be around 3-4 matching colors. Find these colors easy — table of compatibility in a wide variety presented on the Internet.

Mistake # 5 — single picture

Выбирая картину или коллаж, отдавайте свой голос за последний.

Choosing a painting or collage, give your voice for the past.

Photos and pictures within quite superfluous details that bring the interior and make the room cozy. But such emphasis also requires a professional approach. Instead of hanging a single frame, give preference to collage that includes a few snippets — it’s very simple, but it looks much better.

Mistake # 6 — all of “the wall”

Нужна ли стенка на стенке.

Whether you need wall to wall.

It just so happened by tradition, from generation to generation people learn a “truth” that the furniture in the room should be placed only on walls. However, modern designers have long moved beyond the comfort zone, preferring to forget the Soviet past. You can also try something different get the table with the sofa is not near the wall, and in the middle of the room — at first it may seem unusual, but soon seem very original solution.

Mistake # 7 — different barriers and obstacles

Уж если преграда, то только нужная.

If the obstacle, then only need.

But in order not to “sculpt” up against the wall, too, should be the measure. Abuse by the space is just not worth it. Unnecessary to over-clutter the space and especially to repair himself of the obstacle. For example, it would be superfluous to put a Desk or sofa near the door leading to the balcony, each time making his way to him to move furniture.

Mistake # 8 — don’t let anyone decide for you

И конечно главное - вкус хозяина.

And of course most importantly – the taste of the owner.

Your home then your that only you are allowed to decide what, where and how to stand and what key will repair. Tips of course, you can listen, but to follow them exactly do not have, especially if you do not want to.

And continuing the theme of 20 memorable ideas that will make look different to the decorative elements of mosaic . Such ideas can be used in almost every house.

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