Life hack: 15 tricks that will eliminate many of the problems associated with shoes

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Небольшие хитрости, которые помогут решить различные проблемы, связанные с обувью.

A small trick that will help to solve various problems associated with the shoes.

Once on the street starts to rise the temperature of, most of us have problems with feet and footwear. Someone suffering from calluses, someone is ashamed of the unpleasant smell that comes from sweaty feet. Of course, you can answer: what is natural is not ugly, but try to prevent the inconvenience is still possible. You know these 15 tricks to get rid of many problems associated with shoes.

1. Secret supermodels

Распределяем нагрузку при ходьбе на каблуках.

Distribute load when walking on the heels.

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that can completely get rid of the discomfort and tension when walking in heels. However, there is a little trick from the models whose work demands spending many hours in uncomfortable shoes and heels. If bonding plaster on the middle and ring toe, the load will be distributed evenly, and the experience will be less painful. This happens because between these fingers is nerve that uncomfortable shoes most subjected to load.

2. Slippery soles

Чтоб подошва не скользила.

So the sole does not slip.

If the sole of the new shoes are too slippery, RUB it with sandpaper. This technique will make the sole rough and a better grip. Just do not overdo it, not to spoil the quality of the sole.

3. Post shoes

Растянуть узкую обувь.

Stretch narrow shoes.

It often happens that the shoes that is perfect to sit in the shop are too close on the street. Fortunately, there are many tricks that will help to deal with the problem. The most versatile method suitable for suede and leather footwear is using the Hairdryer and socks. Put feet wet socks, put on shoes, and warm up with a Hairdryer. Ideally, the following procedure as before until the socks are dry, but if patience is not enough, work with breaks.

4. Waterproof shoes

Водоотталкивающее покрытие.

Water-repellent coating.

Now there are lots of tools that can make any shoes waterproof. However, the qualitative tool is not cheap, and at the right moment might be at hand. In this case, RUB the surface of the Shoe is the usual paraffin candle.

5. Large shoes

Если туфли велики.

If the shoes are great.

It is worth noting that to stretch the shoes much easier than to reduce it. To reduce or slightly narrow heel shoes, try to soak them inside warm water and put to dry in the sun. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.

6. Dirty rag shoes

Отстирать пятна с тряпичной обуви.

Wash off stains with a rag footwear.

Bright rag shoes quickly get dirty, but wash the stains can be very difficult. Here come to the aid of the usual lemon. Few people know that lemon juice is a powerful cleaning agent. Just dilute it with water, apply to stain and RUB carefully.

7. Spare holes for laces

Грамотная шнуровка кроссовок.

Smart lace-up sneakers.

Few people know that extra hole, leaving a little to the side from the main, invented not for beauty. They are used for lacing to narrow shoes and to avoid unwanted friction when running or walking.

8. Odor

Избавиться от неприятного запаха в обуви.

To get rid of unpleasant odor in shoes.

In order to freshen up the shoes, it is not necessary to buy special deodorant. Just put tea bag in shoes and in the morning from the unpleasant smell will be gone.

9. Salt traces

Соляные пятна на обуви.

Salt stains on shoes.

Winter is over and it’s time to clean your shoes and send it under the rug until next season. And if with the usual impurities can handle plain water, to clean salt stains will need special tools. For example, a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Cooked means, apply to a cloth and thoroughly RUB the problem areas.

10. White sole

Очистка белой подошвы.

Clean white soles.

Toothpaste is suitable not only for cleaning teeth, but also to care for the white sole sneakers. Apply it on your toothbrush and carefully RUB the sole. The particles included in the paste composition, effectively and gently eliminate impurities, and the sole will be good as new.

11. Prevention of calluses

Средство от мозолей.

Remedy for corns.

Easier to prevent blisters than to suffer a few days. The simplest way to prevent calluses is a normal solid deodorant. Treat them the areas that are subjected to friction and enjoy the comfort even in the new shoes.

12. Massage

Подготовка ног.

Training feet.

If you have to spend the whole night in high heels, is to prepare your feet in advance. For this you will need one or two tennis ball. Press the ball of the feet to the floor and roll. This massage can be done after a long hard day, to relax feet and relieve the stress.

13. Alternative footbed

Впитывающая стелька.

Absorbent insole.

If your feet sweat a lot and sometimes you think that in your shoes about to happen flood, use daily strip. Glue it to the inside of the shoes directly over the main insole. Sanitary pads perfectly absorb moisture, and their soft surface, will make the shoes much more comfortable.

14. Scratches on the shoes

Избавиться от царапин на белых кедах.

To get rid of scratches on white sneakers.

White sneakers still in fashion. However, in daily wear on their surface appear black scratches and yellow stains. To get rid of them will help remedy nail Polish remover. Apply it on a cotton ball, go over problem areas, and the shoes again will be like new.

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15. Shoe storage

Хранение высоких сапог.

Storage high boots.

To the high winter and autumn boots do not lose shape, place in each a piece of aquapulco. If you do not have a suitable thick logs that need to be rolled into a tube and place in boots.

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