Humor: 17 decisions that are just as funny as stupid

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Гениальные лайфхаки, которые не работают, а веселят.

Brilliant life hacks that do not work, and fun.

Today the Internet is literally full of all kinds of useful advice, and bloggers race to show itself a particular recommendation. Among all this diversity, there are useful solutions, but they are a drop in the bucket compared to the useless stupidity masquerading as grandma’s advice.

1. “Yes, quickly to iron will not work…”

Часа через два разгладятся...

Two hours later smoothed…

2. Magic night light: the children began to fall asleep instantly and never afraid of the dark!

Очаровательный ночник из куколки.

Adorable nightlight from the pupa.

3. “You know, chicken collects garbage is not worse than a magic cloth!”

Волшебная тряпочка из филе.

Magic cloth of filet.

4. The first prototype of the selfie stick

Селфи скотч - первый прототип палки.

Scotch tape selfies – the first prototype of the stick.

5. Glove with warm water, if you feel lonely…

Лекарство от одиночества.

The cure for loneliness.

6. If the popcorn began to open up, then we burn!

Альтернативная пожарная сигнализация.

Alternative fire alarm.

7. “One could, of course, to use a colander, but that would be too boring!”

Очистка макарон от соуса.

Cleaning the pasta from the sauce.

8. A tremendous saving of varnish and time

Минималистичный педикюр на два пальца.

Minimalist pedicure for two fingers.

9. The main thing that the band did not disappoint!

Пляжный зонт за пазухой.

Beach umbrella in his bosom.

10. In the house of the programmer may not have extra hangers, but the extra keyboard is always there

Фирменные плечики программиста.

Branded the shoulders of the programmer.

11. “The main thing is do not go there, where you have to take your shoes off!”

Маскировка порванных кроссовок.

The cloak is torn sneakers.

12. “Cut quickly, sharply, no doubt!”

Как разрезать круглый пончик.

How to cut a round doughnut.

13. “The secret ingredient: pepper with tiny glass!”

Дрель, если нужно измельчить перец.

The drill if they need to grind the pepper.

14. “You’ll never make me cry, nasty!”

Больше никаких слез!

No more tears!

15. The screen really increases, but for exactly three minutes until the phone filled with water…

Увеличение экрана смартфона.

The increase in smartphone screen.

16. When the unusual becomes the highlight of the interior

«Стильная» полка из тележки.

Stylish shelf of the cart.

17. Most importantly, evenly distribute weight, then the result will surely delight you!

Правило взвешивания.

A rule weighing.

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