Fashion: How to look collection of Apple, which companies still ashamed

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 Да-да, в Apple попытались выпускать одежду.

Yes, Apple tried to produce clothing.

It is hard to find someone who’d never heard of the company Apple. And even harder to find someone who would refuse to take another “Apple”. It seems that every new product is the brainchild of Steve jobs is doomed to commercial success. But it was not always so. Someone heard about the clothing line Apple? No? But it did exist!

Да, это – тоже детище Apple.

Yes, it’s also the brainchild of Apple.

When a young company just starting to storm the market and tread your way to the top, its creators often take hold of everything at once. This “rookie mistake” made even the great and terrible (later) Apple. Only ceasing to collect chips in the garage, the creators of the future Corporation and decided to try yourself in the fashion business and sell clothes. Not just so, and through the catalog. Thus in 1986 was born the first and only fashion collection from Apple.

Первая и единственная коллекция одежды от Apple была выдержана в стиле спорт-шик.

The first and only collection of the Apple was designed in the style sport-chic.

Any technological innovation, built-in screens, sensors, and other futuristic stuff that many could imagine. Clothes from Apple was designed in reigning in that era the style of a sports chic and casual.

Не обошлось без ненавязчивой саморекламы.

Not without unobtrusive self-promotion.

From the “tech” in the collection in 1986 was that the voluminous robes and the outlines of computers. And so caps, tracksuit with the words Apple, a little “acid” colors and many nylon – quite a typical ‘ 80s.

 Куда же без ярких кепок?

Where no bright caps?

И фирменных аксессуаров.

And branded accessories.

But don’t blame the genius of Steve jobs: how time in the year he was officially (and temporarily) fired from Apple, so did not participate in this fashion Orgy. And hardly a lover of black turtlenecks came to the taste and the color scheme.

Детей тоже можно было с ног до головы одеть в Apple.

Children also can be had with head to toe dressing in the Apple.

It’s funny that now remains of the few collections that sell for big money on Ebay. And oversized garments with a striking logo perfectly fit into the wardrobe of the modern fashionistas. So, maybe Apple will try again?

Эх, выпусти они эту коллекцию лет на 20 с чем-то позже…

Oh, they released this collection for 20 years with something later…

Still, it is impossible to build a Corporation, not having made at least small mistakes. And to prove it – yet 9 products with which Apple screwed up royally.

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