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Our team searches through newly uploaded stock content daily. This blog post showcases new content we love that was uploaded the month prior. We couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s February Fresh, featuring the work of contributors from both Shutterstock and Offset. We have a global network powered by thousands of creative artists from every corner of the globe, and seeing the creativity of your new work is truly inspiring.

For February, we’re sharing our top fifteen images that we loved from the content you uploaded to Shutterstock and Offset. We’re also linking to a full collection of the top thirty uploaded content from both networks to inspire your next creative shoot. Click here to view the full February Fresh Shutterstock collection and here for the full February Fresh Offset collection.

Here is this month’s Fresh, featuring new content we love uploaded from Shutterstock and Offset contributors around the globe.

February Fresh: New Content We Love

February Fresh - Yellow Jackets Offset

Offset Contributor: Merve Turkan “Yellow Jackets”

February Fresh - Pop Art Lips

Shutterstock Contributor: Alexei Vladimir “Female Pop Art”

February Fresh - Turkey Denizil

Offset Artist: Michele Falzone / AWL Images “Hierapolis Pamukkale”

February Fresh - Desert Dog

Shutterstock Contributor: Denis Yankin “Erg Chebbi Desert”

February Fresh - Girl on the Road

Offset Artist: Gerard Moral Casanovas “Woman on the Road”

February Fresh - Mountain Paragliding

Shutterstock Contributor: Papa Carlo “Mountain Top Paragliders”

February Fresh - Redhead Swimming

Offset Artist: Ester Keate “Redhead Swimmer”

February Fresh - Girl in Lavender

Shutterstock Contributor: Aleksander Zborshchik “Girl in a Lavender Field”

February Fresh - Desert UAE

Offset Artist: Tony Gale “Dubai Deserts”

February Fresh - Autumn Girl in Hat

Shutterstock Contributor: Vilshanskyi “Autumn Girl in Hat”

February Fresh - Asian Lady in Flowers

Offset Artist: Tania Cervian of Addictive Creative “Girl in the Flowers”

February Fresh - Lagoon Swimming

Shutterstock Contributor: Anna Tamila “Lagoon Swims”

February Fresh - Female Rock Climbing

Offset Artist: View Stock “Rock Climb to the Top”

February Fresh - Sailboats Drone

Shutterstock Contributor: Gaston Piccinetti “Sailboats”

February Fresh - Boy in Hammock

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