American authorities have frozen the work of the crypto currency exchange Simex

In March, the SEC published a statement in which it admitted that online trading platforms have become extremely popular among individual investors because they allow you to quickly make a risky deal with digital assets. “In order to receive protection under Federal securities laws when trading digital assets, investors should use the platform or organization registered with the SEC, such as the national securities exchange, alternative trading system (ATS), or broker”, — reported in the requirements of the securities and exchange Commission.

Американские власти заморозили работу криптобиржи Simex

The U.S. regulator warned investors that they were vigilant in relation to the allegations of the SEC approval for securities and digital assets. Such statements are often used by companies exclusively to promote their services, claimed the SEC. At the beginning of the year, the Commission approved the main priorities in the fight against fraud and fraud prevention in 2018. One of the Central themes in this document was the field of cryptocurrencies and ICO.

The Simex project is positioning itself as a multifunctional online platform for the exchange of digital assets, investment in ICO and gruntinvesta. Founder of the service — Denis’chik. As wrote Forbes in June 2018, during its existence the service only in the segment of investing has attracted more than 6,000 investors who have invested 121,7 million roubles in 38 projects. The platform is designed for investors with a bill of $150.

Simex was launched in the spring of 2015. If you look at the geography of the service users, the largest share goes to Russia — 73,21%, Asia — 8,23%, and Europe — of 6.87%. American investors make up only 1.69 percent of the total.

The President of Simex Basil oksenyuk in 2013 became the hero of the scandalous publication in the American journal Barron’s disgruntled investors who have entrusted approximately $10 million and lost them, said that faced with rudeness and threats. According to investors, were quoted Barron’s, oksenyuk tried to intimidate their investors at a meeting in Las Vegas armed guard.

25 July 2017 was closed on a major exchange BTC-e. The servers seized by the FBI, bills of exchange was arrested. This coincided with the detention in Greece of Alexander Vinnik, a Russian citizen on charges that he legalized the exchange for $4 billion.

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