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Beer and football is a traditional combination for millions football fans all over the world. However, in Moscow, some media are concerned about the lack of beer in the restaurants and bars in the capital of Russia. The FIFA World Cup’s official sponsor and other brewing companies assure that these worries are unreasonable and confirm that the situation is under control of the beer producers. Specially for the guests of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the BUD brand has prepared a map BudFinder with the noted best bars where all football fans can watch the matches and enjoy the official beer of the FIFA World Cup and other brands.

AB InBev Efes (BUD producer) marketing director Konstantin Tamirov has commented the situation:

“We are experiencing increased beer demand in Russia, which we expected and had planned for given the energy and excitement of FIFA World Cup. While we have heard reports of some restaurants and bars in Russia experiencing supply and delivery disruptions, we are fully operational and delivering in full capacity to our partners so the millions of football fans in Russia can continue to enjoy Bud and our other brands responsibly during the World Cup.”