How to find a space for business in the capital

Where and how to find a unicorn

You can do without a realtor and take advantage of the proven platforms: CYANOGEN, “Avito” or “Yandex.The estate”. As practice shows, the services of a mediator when searching commercial premises a little to help. If the first time to look through the tape of any aggregator, it would seem that the “same” option is simply not there, so you need to begin to understand that you have to choose from the worst: fully suitable places in Moscow is not there.

Как найти помещение для бизнеса в столице

Recruitment usually takes from two weeks to three or four months. The entire search should be documented in any convenient way: from notes in a notebook to Google Spreadsheets, where the whole team will be able to leave comments and report on results. It is best to make a list of at least 100 sites are selected according to the principle “and so will descend”, and then weed out 60% obviously wrong. Of the remaining I would visit only 10-20% (part of the ad probably irrelevant). Unnoticed selection of a hundred sites will become a choice of five. The records in the tables will help to weigh the pros and cons.

The cons are the space needed to define, focusing on the business specifics. For example, a noisy bar won’t fit the house or the school across the street, and the premium restaurant next door with fast food. You should avoid houses with the status of a monument of architecture: any action will have to coordinate, but the Commission will always find something to fine you.

The bride from the owner

It is believed that the first meeting with the owner of the premises it is better to come on the old machine and clothing, to the price of rent is not inflated. But this is bad advice — it is better to choose a taxi. A nondescript car creates problems rather than helps them save on transaction.

If the plans of the entrepreneur high margins and, as a result, the repair cost several million rubles, not a single owner does not believe that the money he does have. The owner or realtor will split the tenant in the nineties: “How much are you willing to invest? And what will prove?” The owner always doubts whether the applicant time to pay the rent.

If you attract the money of investors and not be ready to show to the owner of the site the Bank statement, the negotiations run the risk of delayed for a whole month. In addition, the owner may request not only extract, but even the estimates for the design and renovation — for many it is important to understand what materials for finishing the building tenant is going to use. These requests should be treated with understanding.

Moscow the owner of a good space there are no problems with demand. So it can afford to choose the candidate, whose business he really likes. In this case, to help ready a business plan, charisma and honesty — the three pillars of any successful transaction. Always pre-inform the owner that it planned to open: some owners, for example, often oppose alcohol on-site.


Some owners prefer to enter into a lease agreement in foreign currency. For such a choice are particularly concerned foreigners who once bought a commercial property in Russia in the hope of a good passive income, and now find themselves dependent on the shaky ruble. Of course, Russian businessmen is unprofitable. If the owner does not want to change the terms and requires an amount of rent in dollars or euros, you should look for another option. It is difficult to predict what will happen to the ruble, even after six months. And if you rent long-term, 5-10 years?

Without the help of a realtor at the stage of conclusion of the contract too, can do. Three main documents, the tenant can ask the owner himself: proof of ownership of the property (extract from the egrn that you can get in the building), technical passport premises and the consent of all the owners if they have site several.

It is very important to register in the contract all that concerns not only the size and timing of payment, but and repair. If the entrepreneur is going to do it at their own expense and the owner agrees to it, the contract should be a clause stating that the owner is obliged to compensate the costs incurred. So that the better the repair, the harder it will be premature to terminate the contract. To the lessee, who is unlikely to want to lose rendered habitable the area, a paragraph in the document will only benefit.

The eternal conflict between property owners and those who rent will never end. In this market few people are lucky. But we do know one thing: who searches, that always finds. If in doubt, invite a deal lawyer — it would be safer.

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