How to attract talented young people

Forget about career: the appeal to happiness

Young people are convinced that success is not measured by money and status, and the diversity of life and pleasure, the study said Sberbank, which conducted 18 focus groups with children and young people aged 5 to 25 years and 5 focus groups with parents. According to representatives of the new generation to feel realized, you can work for 20 000 rubles. It’s not the size of remuneration and internal harmony, not conflict with itself. How to realize this need of the young generation in practice? Provide “satam” work-related travel — travel world are one of the main priorities in their life. And offer training (workshops, trainings, seminars), as in youth circles “it is fashionable to be smart.” The company, which in large quantities are necessary for creative and inventive nature, have long taken this idea on Board. For example, in Mail.ru and “Kaspersky Lab” offer several types of paid internships for students in Junior and senior courses of universities. The most talented of them have a chance to get a job. Doing the same advertising holding companies BBDO and RCG for young designers and marketers. Own school interns available, even from retailers. For example, in the Uniqlo students and graduates learn to manage a clothing store.

Как привлечь в компанию талантливую молодежь

Implement social projects

The younger generation willing to become volunteers. In the organization of the recently held world Cup was attended by over 17 000 young volunteers, and to every place claimed more than ten candidates. Young people are actively fighting for the improvement of the environment, and in this sense, the generation of today’s 18-year-old — cootvetstvenno generation. That is why they prefer to work in socially oriented companies, whose activity is connected with, for example, recycling, production of environmentally friendly products, energy saving, etc. If you are planning in the coming years to replenish the ranks of its employees at the expense of young professionals, think about the projects in which they can participate. And don’t forget about the sports programs because health and maintaining good physical shape is also one of the priorities of the younger generation. Compensate part of the cost of their fitness clubs is very committed to win the loyalty of young talent.

Encourage loyalty

There is a perception that today’s young people are absolutely not loyal to the employer. But the company Audi, a survey of 5000 members of the generation Z and y, debunked this myth. It turns out that almost half of centenials (48%) would agree to work all my life in the same enterprise regardless of function. Only 7% of respondents from generation Z can’t imagine my career with the same employer.

Young people today do not want to frequently change jobs in pursuit of better conditions and prefers the progressive development within the “comfort zone”, to such conclusion the company Sodexo. Up to 85% of the young respondents who took part in her study said that, most likely, for life will change no more than seven jobs. Each employer will have an average of five to six years. “Millennials” in this sense, the less patient and prefer pie in the sky.

However, to swear allegiance to a single employer, the representatives of the generation of 18-year-old is ready under certain conditions — if the employer provides them opportunities for career growth, training, and fair pay for their work and involve in interesting projects, the study says Audi.

Use mobility

Yesterday’s students were born in the digital world — that is, “with a button on the finger”. They can’t think themselves without gadgets and mobile phones. Know how to quickly find and process a variety of data filtering a huge flow of information. Well-versed in innovative designs. Many of them even learn to program before reading and writing (for example, in pre-school robotics clubs). Children five to six years myself “surf” on the Internet and perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It is not surprising that hire them also need the same with mobile HR platforms and services. So, of the 10 million applicants per year who responded to the job of employers in the system Worki (tools for job search based on location targeting), almost a third (32.6 per cent) young people aged 18 to 23 years. By the way, the study showed the 3M company, the young people want to work close to home, not to spend a lot of time on the road. And well, if the office will be located in the city centre, close to museums, theatres and exhibition centers where you can go after work. The younger generation are always talking about self-development and self-improvement, so a rich cultural life for them is of paramount importance.

Put a lot of tasks

The new generation consumes information through multiple visual channels: the screen of the tablet, smartphone, desktop computer, laptop and TV. And they are able to simultaneously perform a huge number of things: to chat, listen to music, help parents at home, to do homework. If they ask to focus on one thing, they will be at ease, young people can not live without constant social interaction. If you are an employer, use this quality and offer such employees to engage in multiple business projects. Believe me, in the task, they will not get screwed, and even opposite, the complex KPI will increase their motivation and performance. And do not forget to praise. Centennial accustomed to such treatment since childhood, because their parents were guided by the rule: do not criticize the bad and praise for good. Positive motivation will give a far greater effect than negative. Fines, reprimands, sanctions and other “charms” of the corporate world is not for them.

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