How to do business in the province

Almost always people genuinely want to help. But it happens that in the soul of someone jealous of the capital’s residents, because in life he’s gotten better and “sucking the juice out of the province.” Such a person speaks (or thinks): “it’s so not done, as he wants the Muscovites!” Your problem is not solved. In such cases, it is necessary not just to ask but to insist: “In Moscow! This is a progressive! That’s right!” Village residents listen to urban provincials — to the Muscovites, and the Muscovites, and Russians in General to foreigners. The complex of provincialism still exists.

Как вести бизнес в провинции

With local elites, businessmen and politicians need to be friends. They will save you money, time and nerves. It is a good idea to become acquainted with Directors of local theaters and offer, say, the recreation facility as a platform for fishing folk and honored artists. Many of those in power and the businessmen are friends with Metropolitan actors, who will likely remember you when the subject comes up about fishing in comfort.

What to do with employees

Hard to explain what should be a service, a person who is abroad, was not never, and in Moscow — several times. Not surprisingly, the village hired employees behave funny.

The maid can go in the room when there are guests. The cleaning lady can start mopping the floor in the restaurant, right in the middle of Breakfast in front of guests. The waiter can make client simultaneously, all meals, from soups to dessert. And administrator — to take in the wash of the pants of the client and to wash them together with €3000 in your pocket (in the case of life).

In fact, “invisible” staff — maids, guards, drivers, gardeners and cooks can be quite local, but only trained to the minimum rules of acceptable behavior. Here, the principle of “military vacuum”, when the inspecting part General meets soldiers at all — they all kicked and hid. “Contact” staff — administrators and bartenders — can also be local, but their errors are difficult to smooth out. Therefore, it may be better to invite them from the nearest town.

Another tip — apply the flaws of the staff as part of the local color, as an attraction. As Pasternak wrote: the defeat from victory you yourself must not distinguish. We are talking about the Rangers, conductors and guides. Everyone understands that the huntsman may not be visitors: to know the best fishing holes and hunting trails, he needs to grow up here. Of course, this does not mean that they do not need to train.

Employees in hotels the African hinterland, most often from the nearest village. They are friendly and try their best, but still it was obvious the lack of education. The Europeans treat it condescendingly, and you could even say that it is part of the overall design. No matter how insulting it sounds to the country that launched man into space, we need to borrow the African marketing. The main magnet is Lotus fields, birds, fish, peace and quiet and “social jetlag”. Specific, and if to speak literally, the running of the village, ferries and roads do not bend and embellish the picture.

But the entire leadership in this business should be from Moscow. In addition to professional skills, the Muscovites have high motivation. They want to show themselves in front of the local staff cool professionals and will work better than at home. Besides entertainment in the village there, and instead of the family team. The main attraction is to dive into the business processes.

How to be with yourself

What to do if you are — the same Moscow “ascetic”, which have to work in the wilderness? Life in the village is good: Moscow habits are quite reasonably look like unnecessary fuss and husks. At the same time, the desire to implement bogged down in the slow course of life. The operating mode for the Muscovite — three weeks in the village and one in Moscow. The only way to maintain intellectual and mental connection with the metropolis, and bear the reasonable, good and eternal in the village.

And finally about safety. The villagers possessed by a sense of justice, but capable of spontaneous aggression. The wisdom of the East “will not bend — straight” does not fit here: “red rooster” has not been canceled. If you came from the capital to the village, the land here is much more does not belong to you. Certificate of plot here means little, it’s not a city. So don’t panebrattsev and do not be rude. According to the laws of genealogy only through generation, that is, in 30 years, you will be considered local.

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