When will revive Russian stock market

Promotion of the IMS has become one of the factors for the revitalization of exchange trade in shares and bonds in 2018. Momentum stock section of the Moscow exchange in the second quarter of this year grew by 20% yoy, primarily due to the increase of trading volume by 24% compared to the same quarter of 2017. Growth of turnover of trading of corporate, regional and government bonds during the same period was 19% year-on-year.

The popularity of IMS is growing quite rapidly. As of August 2018, the number of investshow opened in Sberbank, the market leader for this tool grew to 177 000, which is 2.3 times more than the year before. Further, the number of IIS by a wide margin are the group of companies “Finam” and BKS, which is about 51 000 accounts is 30% more than in August 2017.

Когда оживет российский фондовый рынок

However, despite such impressive dynamics, in General, the number of IMS remains small in comparison to the total number brokerage accounts on the Moscow exchange (about 2.3 million). And if you look at the number of active investors who make at least one trade per month, then in August 2018 it was only 160 000. How many of them owners of IMS, is unclear. So traditionally low demand for stock assets in Russia and the relatively low level of community involvement in transactions in financial assets have not gone away. IMS is not a panacea.

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Now the regulator has decided to allow private investors to open multiple investshow under certain restrictions. In addition, the expert community discusses the possibility of developing an insurance mechanism of IMS in order to increase the competitiveness of this tool compared to traditional deposits.

But the main factor increasing the attractiveness of investicate still seems the yield on market instruments. Currently, the index Mosberg updates historical highs, which, of course, attracts the attention of private investors.

However, the professional participants of the industry have serious doubts that the growing trend is sustainable and will not lead to another collapse, which will reduce the capital market participants and will reduce the interest and stock instruments, including IMS.

The stability of the stock market depends on a huge number of factors, including geopolitics and economic situation in the country. Remains hopes only for resumption of income growth and sustainable market dynamics.

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