The Ministry has advocated the sale of beer at night

“Due to economic sanctions imposed by third countries, Russian producers of aluminum products has seen a significant decrease in demand”, — quotes the edition of the explanatory note to the draft law of the Ministry of industry and trade. In addition, the Department expects that the proposed amendments to the law will contribute to the development of the brewing industry, reducing the consumption of strong alcohol and its surrogates, and growth of incomes of budgets of all levels.

State Secretary, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Evtukhov confirmed to Forbes that such offer is received from experts in trading industry. But noted that no official documents on this point. “A bill providing for such amendments in FZ “About state regulation of production and turnover of products,” to date not developed and was not sent nor for public discussion or for approval in other departments”, — he explained.

Минпромторг выступил за продажу пива по ночам

In the “RUSAL” the appeal for review called strange, stressing that the company has no relation to the described in the publication of the newspaper initiative. “In pursuit of sensation to attract attention to their content, some media will use any means to mention RUSAL, even where the described situation is absurd, both from the point of view of economy and from the point of view of common sense,” said Forbes, the representative “Rusala”.

Knows about the initiative and the head of the control and financial management FAS Vladimir Michelosen. But he promises that the FAS will oppose the proposals of the Ministry of industry and trade. “We agree that support for the aluminium industry is needed, but not at this price. Manufacturers of other types of packaging or raw materials actually also the Russian business”, — he said “Kommersant”.

The current Russian Federal law banned from 2013 the sale of alcoholic beverages, including beer, in non-stationary retail and night time (from 23:00 to 08:00).

Before the introduction of the ban, around 19-20% of sales came from switching channels (kiosks and pavilions), with half of them, about 10% of the market, was selling in kiosks, said Forbes, the Director of legal and corporate Affairs of AB InBev Efes the oraz Durdyev.

He said that if the lifting of the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages at nighttime sales growth for the industry may be on the order of 1%. From permission to sell beer in non-stationary retail will be more noticeable effect. But the rapid growth of sales the company did not expect, but ready to invest and contribute to the development of these channels.

Today, the share of aluminium cans in total sales of AB InBev, Efes is about 25%, said Mr. Durdyev.

6 April 2018, the Office of foreign assets control of the U.S. Treasury (OFAC) has made Oleg Deripaska and the largest Russian manufacturer of aluminium “RUSAL” in the sanctions list, prohibiting business with U.S. residents and access to the U.S. financial system of the country.

Except for Deripaska and its controlled companies (UC Rusal, Basic element, Russian machines, “GAZ Group” Agroholding “Kuban”, EuroSibEnergo, EN+, B-Finance Ltd.) the OFAC list was Viktor Vekselberg (“Renova”), Igor Rotenberg (“Gazprom drilling” and NPV Engineering), Kirill Shamalov (“Ladoga Management”). In respect of another three billionaires were imposed only personal sanctions. Among them are Suleiman Kerimov (his son owns the company said “pole”), Andrei Skoch (his father Vladimir is the co-owner of the USM Holding Alisher Usmanov) and Vladimir Bogdanov (CEO and co-owner of “Surgutneftegaz”).

April 6 the U.S. Treasury has given American investors up to 7 may, in order to get rid of stock and bonds En+ group, GAZ Group and RUSAL. 23 April 2018, the U.S. Treasury explained that “in the case of “RUSAL”… the United States can mitigate the sanctions regime, if Oleg Deripaska will sell part of its assets and will lose control over the company”. On the same day, April 23, the head of OFAC John Smith was signed by General license No. 14, which extended the authorization for the transaction to curtail business transactions with RUSAL to 23 October 2018 (previously the completion or cancellation of transactions on the contracts concluded before 6 April 2018, it was June 5). “All the money in the accounts of the persons under sanctions will be suspended at 12:01 am North American Eastern time (20:01 GMT) 23 Oct 2018,” — said in a document posted on the website of the U.S. Treasury.

Then the head of Department Steve Mnuchin reported that US Rusal has appealed to OFAC with the request for the exclusion of a company from the sanctions list. At the time of its consideration and issued General license No. 14. Mnuchin promised that the decision will take until the end of October 2018.

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