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The second issue of Forbes — the Portuguese Jorge Mendes, who is engaged in the employment of Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez (Bayern Munich), Diego Costa of club atlético de Madrid), ángel Di maría (“PSG) and another 110 players. The total amount of existing contract his clients $1 billion, including fresh deal involving Ronaldo. In the summer of 2018 33-year-old player moved from real Madrid in Turin “Juventus”, the transfer cost the Italians $117 million.

The most successful basketball agent Jeff Schwartz represents the interests of 47 players, including such stars as Kevin Love (“Cleveland Cavaliers”), Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond (both “Detroit pistons”). The total amount of existing contracts of its customers $1.7 billion. However, in the Agency’s Forbes, where the position determines the amount of Commission, Schwarz takes 4th place — $66.8 million the fact is that NBA rules payment to the agent cannot exceed 4% of the transaction amount, whereas in baseball (MLB) is 5%, and in European football — all 10%. For this reason (and also because of the high salaries and generous transfer payments) in the top 10 of Forbes list — three members of the baseball and four soccer. And they earn more than in other sports: football agent average $39.4 million for the year baseball — $35.8 million, with srednetsepochecona rate of $32.1 million

Сколько зарабатывают спортивные агенты

NHL agents are also allowed to pay 4%, but contracts in hockey are more modest. So, Pat Brisson, managing Director 60 players (including superstars Sidney Crosby and John Tavares), the year received only $45.3 million of fees and took the 9th place in the Forbes list.

Ten rounded out Todd France, representing 86 NFL players. In American football Agency maximum of 3%, which explains the modest results of the France — $41.8 million of commissions.

Besides the already mentioned sports Agency in the Forbes list of presents tennis and Golf, where agents get a percentage (average 20%) with no prize money athletes and their marketing contracts. At the 43rd place settled the agent of tiger woods (and 26 golfers) mark Steinberg — $15.7 million of Commission; and at the 48th ($13.7 million) — Tony Godsick dealing with tennis player Roger Federer.

Change of course

The balance on the agent market soon may change: the international football Federation (FIFA) started a major reform of the transfer system. The President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, before his election, publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the state of Affairs in this field: too much questionable speculation and slow inflation. Since 2011, the market of football transfers has grown more than twice: now the annual turnover of purchase/sale of players is estimated at $6.5 billion And a significant part of this money goes to the middlemen. Thus, in the transfer window of the season 2017/18 only clubs of the English Premier League are paid agents over £211 million, and according to UEFA in 2017 agent payments throughout Europe amounted to about €1.5 billion in the Summer of 2016 agent Mino Rayol received £41 million (!) fees from clubs and the player, having arranged the transfer of his client-Frenchman Paul Pogba from “Juventus” in “Manchester United” for €105 million Reforms planned by FIFA, must exclude such a situation.

At the end of September in London was going to the Committee of participants of the football process of FIFA, which includes representatives from clubs, leagues and players ‘ Union. The meeting discussed an internal report on the state of the transfer market, and how to organize chaos reigns there.

One of the main ideas proposed in the document of the reform is the creation of a center for tracking of all payments related to transfers, including Commission agents. In addition, the Agency payment will be limited: according to The New York Times, we are talking about 5% of the total salary of the player or from the transfer fees.

To calculate the value of the players FIFA intends to use the formula developed by the International center for the study of sport (CIES) in Switzerland. Developed by researchers at the algorithm takes into account 30 factors and by 1 October 2018, the most expensive player striker Tottenham Harry Kane — €200,1 million

Spending on players (and purchase orders, and labor) FIFA also intends to limit and to require clubs to register in the compensation contracts.

Details of the planned transfer reforms will be discussed at the next meeting of the Board of FIFA on 26 October. However, even if the proposals are adopted (which is highly likely), then create a new structure that controls the transfer of players, might take a couple of years. The timing for the imposition of restrictions on the transfer and salary costs even more difficult to predict.

As close as possible to the implementation of part of the reform concerns the system of rental players (when the player belongs to one team and plays for the other). FIFA don’t like that some clubs are buying players for your team, and for resale. According to the BBC, clubs will be allowed to send in rent only six players for the season (with no more than four in one team), The New York Times calls the numbers 6-8, and 3, respectively. Such restrictions may create problems, such as Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich — this season, the club has sent in the rent 40 players at a total cost of €180 million.

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