Famous hotel-franchising network project

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Famous hotel-franchising network project

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  • 04/26/2018
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24 000 000

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Famous hotel-franchising network project
  • Price
    24 000 000
  • Profitability
    61% per annum
  • Payback
    20 months
  • Profit
    1 218 000  / month

Earned customer base

Big potential

Stable profit

Famous brand

Reason for selling a business:
Need funds for the development of another project
One of the most successful hotel-franchising network projects in Russia. The company specializes in selling franchises for the opening of accommodation facilities for entrepreneurs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions of Russia.
Open and running 50 hotels
on the stage of opening 55 hotels
average number of applications per month for a franchise purchase – 500 people

registered trademark
of the company EXPERTS REVIEW market, interviews and articles in the press (TVC, RBC, NTV, Home, specialized publications)
of all operational work involved Executive Director. The owner is engaged in development

An impressive customer base, more than 29,000 contacts (franchise buyers).
Experienced team of employees with clear performance indicators
Turnover of funds in the period from January 2017 to September 2017: 22,600,000 rubles
Net income for the period from January 2017 to September 2017: 9,500,000 rubles

Growth points: Increase in partners through new hotels 55 in process of discovery. The increase in royalties during the re-signing of the contract, the process has already been launched, will be fully implemented in May 2018. Waiting for sales growth in 2018.
The staff remains in the company. Each employee received training, probation and probation. For every vacancy there is a description, a textbook and a training program in case of a replacement for two weeks by a fully trained new employee.

The current owner is ready for a smooth transfer of cases and after-sales consulting support up to 3 months.

The specialists of Altera Invest will help to fully prepare the necessary documentation for the transaction and to provide support after the acquisition.

For more information, please call.
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Broker of the object:
 Send an application to the broker
The announcement is not a public offer
Be sure to familiarize yourself with the risks when buying a ready business and franchising business.


Central AO


24 000 000
1 218 000  / month
Hotels and mini-hotels
20 months
Average monthly turnover:
2 700 000  / month
Average monthly expenses:
On request

Company staff

Amount of workers:
List of staff:
Executive Director, Secretary, Accountant, HR, Advertising Manager, Sales Department, Account Managers, Coach at the Training Center
Salary Fund:
643 000  / month.


Area of ​​premises:
96 m 2
Information about the landlord:
Rent price:
96,000  / month.

Additional Information

Business age:
Organizational and legal form: