For sale AGS in the property, Minsk highway

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For sale AGS in the property, Minsk highway.

For sale AGS in the property, Minsk highway
Fixed cost

35 000 000 PUB.

Average monthly turnover ofrubles

Monthly profitrub

Payback0 months.

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Basic information
NameFor sale AGS in the property, Minsk highway.
IndustryAuto business
IndustryProperty in the property
IndustryGas station
Size of investmentfrom 10 000000 rubles
Produced products, types of servicesGas station
Term of business existence2 years
Organizational and legal formLtd
CityMoscow region
Financial picture
Fixed cost of business35 000 000 rubles.
Fixed assets
The propertyIt is located in the area of ​​Krasnoznamensk, 40 km. in the direction of Moscow.Land plot 0.25 hectares in rent until 2038.
Means of productionThe structure of the gas filling station includes: The group aboveground tanker LPG with the volume of 37.5 m3 (reservoir 20.0 m3 and the reservoir 17.5 m3), TRC – 2 pcs, sheds above LPG; building of the operator (building area 49.2 sq.m.)
Additional Information
Additional InformationThere are all the necessary documents for the service of the gas station: an energy supply contract, a contract for the export of solid domestic waste, a contract for the delivery of drinking water and the reception of waste water