Hostel with a long lease. Rating on booking – 8.5

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Hostel with a long lease. Rating on booking – 8.5

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  • 04/26/2018
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11 400 000

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Hostel with a long lease. Rating on booking - 8.5
  • Price
    11 400 000
  • Profitability
    43% per annum
  • Payback
    29 months
  • Profit
    400 000  / month

Earned customer base

Big potential

Long term rental

Reason for selling a business:
Not enough working capital

On sale is a hostel with a long lease, the center of Moscow.

The business was launched 4 years ago. For a long time, a large client base has been formed, is maintained electronically and will be transferred to the new owner.

High scores on booking sites and a large number of positive reviews have been generated. The attractiveness of the hostel is supported by a convenient location (5 minutes from the metro) and a large number of rooms – 16 rooms for 75 people.

The premise is 400 sq.m. is in long-term lease (5 years). The historical center of the city, non-residential fund, passed mandatory classification.

In the hostel there are 10 showers and dignity. nodes. At the moment, the installation of a showcase for the sale of products is underway, which will increase revenue by about 400,000 per month.

The average monthly turnover is 1 200 000 rubles The
average monthly profit is 400 000 rubles The
average monthly occupancy is 80% The

majority of clients book rooms from the hostel’s website, which reduces the costs of paying for the services of booking sites and increases profit.

Call us! Additional information by phone or at the meeting.

Broker of the object:
 Send an application to the broker
The announcement is not a public offer
Be sure to familiarize yourself with the risks when buying a ready business and franchising business.


Central AO
Kuznetsky Most


11 400 000
400 000  / month
Hostels / Hostels, hotels, mini-hotels
29 months
Average monthly turnover:
1 200 000  / month
Average monthly expenses:
800 000  / month

Company staff

Amount of workers:
List of staff:
  • 4 administrators
  • Maid
  • Manager
Salary Fund:
163 000  / month.


Area of ​​premises:
400 m 2
Information about the landlord:
Additional information about the premises:
  • Non-residential fund
  • Long-term lease for 5 years
  • Communal payments – 50 000 rubles per month
Rent price:
205,000  / month.

Fixed assets

Intangible assets:
  • Passed mandatory classification
  • Passport of antiterrorist security obtained
  • Extensive client base
  • High ratings on booking sites
  • The current website with online booking
Means of production:
  • The hostel is fully equipped with everything necessary
  • 16 rooms
  • Total capacity – 75 guests
  • Detailed list of tangible assets – on request

Additional Information

Business age:
Organizational and legal form:
Documents and licenses:
  • All necessary documentation is available