Mini-hotel in the property. 3 stars

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Mini-hotel in the property. 3 stars

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  • 04/26/2018
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65 000 000

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Mini-hotel in the property. 3 stars

  • 65 000 000
  • Profitability
    10% per annum
  • Payback
    130 months
  • Profit
    500 000  / month

Property in the property

More than 5 years on the market

The sale was a three-star mini-hotel with a premise in the property.

The hotel is located in the Southern District of Moscow. The duration of the trip by metro to the center of Moscow will take about 25 minutes. Visitors can quickly get to the city center without overpaying for rooms in more expensive hotels located directly within the Garden Ring.

The hotel provides two types of rooms: “Comfort” and “Standard”, which differ from each other in area and cost. Each room is made in its own style. Therefore, it can be considered a boutique hotel. The rooms are equipped with modern comfortable furniture, a TV set with many satellite channels, each has a separate shower room.

At the moment, the cafe is being repaired, which in the future will bring in from 500,000 rubles in revenue per month.

The hotel has a special room for smokers, equipped with ventilation.

  • Net profit per month in the context of the year is about 500 000 rubles.
  • The total area of ​​the premises is 463.3 sq.m.
  • Hotel for 12 rooms
  • The hotel has 3 stars
  • Average occupancy rate per year 80%
  • Age of business 6 years
  • Rating on booking 8.3

The price is formed based on the price of the property and the money invested in it for the opening of the hotel. In fact, at the price of assets.

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Southern AO


65 000 000
500 000  / month
Hotels in the property
130 months
Average monthly turnover:
1 000 000  / month
Average monthly expenses:
500 000  / month

Company staff

Amount of workers:
List of staff:
3 administrators, 2 maids, 1 manager
Salary Fund:
320,000  / month.


Area of ​​premises:
463.3 m 2
Information about the landlord:
Additional information about the premises:
The hotel is located entirely on the ground floor with a private entrance.

Fixed assets

Intangible assets:
Customer base
Means of production:
All necessary equipment

Additional Information

Business age:
Organizational and legal form:
Documents and licenses:
All in stock
Rent, area of ​​premises:
Premises in property