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Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018: 28th & 29th March

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The Dubai Blockchain summit is held later this month, and promises two days of a full and exciting agenda, brought to you by the Global Blockchain Foundation, an international Non-Profit social enterprise established with a global vision to build a sustainable blockchain community through international cooperation. When and where is it on? Date    : Read More

Counterparty & the Proof of Burn Mechanism

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We are used to thinking about “proof-of-work” and “proof-of-stake” as the optimal method for blockchain consensus mechanisms, but there are other ways that blockchain implementations deal with the confirmation and double spending issues. Specifically, in this article, we are going to explore how “Proof of Burn” (PoB) is working out for a cryptocurrency called Counterparty Read More

Edward Snowden On Bitcoin: World Needs Better Option To Avoid Gov’t Coercion

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US whistleblower Edward Snowden voiced concerns over Bitcoin’s long-term prospects in an interview on March 22, saying the cryptocurrency’s public Blockchain made it susceptible to abuse. Speaking via webcam in an interview with Coin Center director of research Peter Van Valkenburgh at the Blockstack Berlin 2018 conference, Snowden agreed Bitcoin’s ledger was “devastatingly public.” “The Read More

Ripple For the Future – XRP Outclasses Visa Transaction Speed

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Ripple For the Future – XRP Outclasses Visa Transaction Speed For some time now, news and developments that are related to Ripple are taking place on a daily basis. XRP transaction speed of processing has surpassed Visa transaction speed at a stunning double the rate – processing 50,000 transactions/sec while VISA reaches to 24,000 transactions/sec. Read More

Binance Moves To Malta As Prime Minister Issues Public Welcome

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The Prime Minister of Malta has publicly welcomed the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance as it announces it is relocating to the country. Maltese PM to Binance: ‘Welcome to Malta’ In a fresh move confirmed by CEO Zhao Changpeng March 23, Binance will set up an office in the European nation and will close the Read More

The Cryptocurrency Vs Blockchain Idea Is Not What Bitcoin Stands For!

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I was in a LinkedIn discussion the other day, where someone proposed: it’s possible to implement a non-monetary system of solving the complex problems that guarantee the integrity of information stored on the blockchain. He was suggesting that chip-makers could integrate “mining” into every mainstream product as a kind of negligible tax on performance. This, Read More

Redefining Digital Marketing with Basic Attention Token

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When it comes to digital marketing in today’s market, there are several companies like Google or Facebook that dominate the advertising space. It is a $1 billion dollar industry that consists of advertisers, publishers, and users. Over the years, digital marketing has grown to an opaque and inefficient marketplace that has many downsides. When you Read More

Russian FinTech Association to unveil its blockchain success story at Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit.

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The Russian FinTech Association (RFTA) is gearing up to showcase its achievements in blockchain technology development and its vision to digitalize the economy 06 March 2018, Moscow: Russia has decided to take a definitive stance on blockchain technology by implanting its first few steps on unfamiliar soil, as the Russian FinTech Association (RFTA) gears up to unveil its Read More