Blows under your feet: in Novosibirsk will start extreme tests of heating systems

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Hot water will be disconnected next week “Siberian generating company” announced the beginning of tests on heating systems in Novosibirsk. “From 23 to 29 may 2018 “Teplovye SETI” of the Novosibirsk branch of “Siberian generating company” for the first time in five years, will conduct tests on the networks for maximum temperature. The purpose of Read More

Splurging on CTP

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The Central Bank of Russia planned another major reform of the CTP, the consequences of which drivers will be able to feel it in the summer. As told Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir chistyukhin, the system auto insurance will become more flexible and even allow some owners to pay for the policy is Read More

Father’s son: father of injured baby can go to jail for 8 years

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May 9, at about 22:30 family Neustroeva together with a baby and a family friend were walking down the street Poplar. Passing by the house number 14, the company heard the screams. “At first I did not understand why cry, — says Dmitry Neustroev. — Raised his head, see standing on the roof of the Read More

House of a thousand doors

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The hotel has 93 rooms and, according to 2GIS, was 61 organization. There are companies, which logically combine well with the hotel — for example, a travel company; and there are those who are not — for example, beauty salons, hair removal. According to the Deputy Director of the hotel “Central” Tatiana Rakoed’, tenants are Read More

Test drive: hippos in the city

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Black V-Class (provided an official dealer of “STS Cars”) appears gaze as something huge, solid, but interesting in its design. Front of it is branded, drawn to the bottom of the lights, a big star on the radiator grille, powerful hood with Central rib. Hood this and, in General, an elongated engine compartment, make the Read More

“Us citizens have less to stand at the stove”

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Denis Pupin, Director of the shopping center METRO in Novosibirsk: METRO more than 30 thousand names of products “Shopping centers METRO are valued for the range is more than 30 thousand items and quality of products. We understand that our services depends on the business of our professional clients and is very attentive to all Read More

Baby, rest

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As a rule, in any school there is a summer camp where kids can come during the day to go with the teachers on the tour. The standard version for most parents to apply for subsidized a trip to the camp through the urban resource centre on organization of rest and improvement of children “Formula Read More

“The grayness of Novosibirsk kills”

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Anastasia Kashtanova moved to Poland where he was invited to work as her husband Anastasia Kashtanova, 31, a freelancer, moved to Wroclaw (Poland): “Novosibirsk is my native city and I’ve lived here my entire life before moving. Wanted to leave long ago. The main reason is the climate. Too long and cold winter. My husband Read More

Ale will live

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25-year-old Ale intercession writes songs and wants to record another album. Four years ago Ale has finished faculty of journalism of NSU — she was healthy and was making plans where to go to live and work after graduation. For the first time the disease manifested itself in December 2013, Ales was bad to see Read More

“Where is the road?”: crazy stick

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Start producing the latest technology in Novosibirsk repair of cracks and joints. “This is how repairing the railway platform! Seal gaps with birch branches”, — surprised the witnesses. “Photo stupid repair sidewalk ill-fated road of 25 years of October, on which NHS wrote this year several times. Finally “repaired”!”, — according to our reader Oksana. Read More