Sleepy Kingdom

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Trying not to think about the former lover? Do not be surprised if he appears at night with you in oriental attire, accompanied by hundreds of concubines. Every night we close our eyes and plunge into the full-length world of dreams. It’s terrible to think what is going on in our subconscious – who and what is not Read More

Thin cause a feeling of pity

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With the advent of spring, I want everything to be slim, but not many have enough courage to endure debilitating diets. And is it really necessary? Yakov Novoselov, director of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition, PhD, chief expert at the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, tells how to eat in Read More

Cellulite: moisten the crusts

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Surprising phenomenon: the subject is said, its name is familiar to everyone, but what really cellulite, no one really can not explain.Usually the definition is limited to mentioning the “orange peel”.Some consider him a disease, but to which doctor to seek help – it is not clear: neither dermatologists, nor endocrinologists, nor physical therapists do Read More

Avitaminosis: swallow, chew and suck

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Vitamin complexes came into widespread use in the forties of the last century. Vitamin deficiency for the first time in the world was experimentally reproduced in 1880 on white mice by the Russian physician NI Lunin. In 1912, the Polish scientist K. Funk called substances discovered by Lunin, vitamins, and diseases caused by complete absence of them Read More

My second mother

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There is such an anecdote: after a difficult birth, a woman is brought to her son. She looks at him for a long time and says: “How I hate her!” “Whom?” the nurse asked, confused. – As whom? My future daughter-in-law! Getting married, any girl has to reconcile with something. One groom is constantly watching football matches, another is Read More

Spring perfume: wait for the notes of the heart

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“Apply the fragrance to the places you want to be kissed,” Coco Chanel advised. In the spring, this recommendation is more urgent than ever – after all, together with the revival of nature sensuality awakens. And the smell is one of the components of a woman’s sexual image. About the spring fragrances, new trends in perfume and how Read More

Pale face not allowed

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Russia is far from the tropics, but to look tanned and sultry Russian young ladies are trying their best. And if you can not regularly fly to the resort, persistently sunbathing under the artificial sun, without thinking about the health consequences. At the beginning of December last year, the Moscow Duma decided to consider the introduction of Read More

You do not satisfy me

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Are you happy on Mondays? Are you late for work if you need to finish something urgent? Can you rely on leadership? Are your indicators better than others? Do you feel the importance and importance of your work? Are you happy with your salary?  If you answered all the questions positively, you are the dream of any employer. It’s you who Read More

Bronze Age

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Ten years ago I bought a tanning bottle. I do not remember Mark any more, but the joy of having done it not on my face, but I experimented, thank God, only on my hands – I can not forget in any way. My hands acquired an uneven, dirty shade, close in tone to the “professional” tan Read More

The Kingdom of Fear

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Are you afraid of mice as I fear them? What about spiders and snakes? Maybe you are afraid of darkness or height? And what do you think about traveling in an elevator or walking on stairs? If you are shivering at the thought of these creatures or actions alone – you are not crazy, you just suffer from phobia. This Read More