A man was able to use Face ID to unlock his brother’s new iPhone X

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The new $1,000 rectangle from Apple has a troubling security flaw.

In a video posted to Reddit on Friday (Nov. 3), two brothers demonstrate that they can both unlock one brother’s new iPhone X using its Face ID facial recognition security option.

“We are not twins. He is five years younger than me,” the older brother and owner of the iPhone X says. They both wear similar glasses. When his younger brother tries to unlock the phone without his glasses on, it doesn’t work. But when he slips his glasses back on, the iPhone unlocks.

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple has stated that Face ID is an even more secure way to unlock an iPhone than Touch ID was, with there being a one in 1,000,000 chance of a different person being able to dupe its facial recognition software. But the company has also acknowledged that Face ID may be less secure when it comes to twins and siblings with similar facial features—as the video clearly shows.

Until that’s resolved, you might want to stick to the old-school passcode option unless you really trust your little brother.

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