Be a Giveth Maker !

In the near future Giveth is launching its DApp. To Build the Future of Giving we need your help: you could be a developer, designer, writer, organizer, blogger, tester, … whatever you do or make, you are of value in the Giveth Decentralized Altruistic Community. By sending us your information we can get in touch with you for the development or communication of our own projects.

Every week our 4 circles (product, communication, governance, social coding) give away a total amount of +/- $ 1000 in eth. Each delegate of our four circles has a monthly vote on the awarded points per circle. On the 15th of each month the rewarded eth are sent to our valuable contributors.

Fill in the questions below and do keep an eye on our #contributors channel in Riot or Slack (join.giveth.io) for ad-hoc tasks!

Know that we can also bring you in contact with nonprofits that will be living on our platform, as they too will need your support. If you yourself are a(n aspiring) nonprofit that would like to be one of the pioneers using our platform, fill out our other form right here: Giveth Community

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