London police investigated a rape claim against Uber investor Shervin Pishevar

In a bombshell story, Forbes today reported it obtained the sealed police report of a rape claim against Shervin Pishevar, the prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist who was an early Uber investor and backed former Uber CEO and founder Travis Kalanick in his fights with the company’s board.

Pishevar wasn’t charged. According to Forbes, a 31-year-old woman told London police on May 27 that she had been raped by a man in the penthouse of The Ned, an exclusive hotel frequented by London’s financial crowd. Police publicly confirmed that a 43-year-old man from San Francisco had been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault, but had not named the individual. He was later released under investigation. Fast Company reported it also had seen a copy of the police report.

An attorney for Pishevar told Forbes:

“In May 2017, Mr. Pishevar was detained briefly in London in connection with an alleged sexual assault, an allegation he categorically denied. He fully cooperated with the police investigation which was exhaustive and detailed. In July he was informed that no further action would be taken against him and he was “de-arrested” (a British legal term). Mr. Pishevar is grateful for the highly professional and expeditious manner in which the inquiry was conducted.”

Pishevar has meanwhile filed suit against a Republican-led research firm in San Francisco, alleging the firm, Definers Public Affairs, as well as two of its executives, have defamed him in a covert smear campaign. Among other things, Pishevar claims that Definers has spread false information by saying he paid to have the London accusation settled.

A Definers partner, Tim Miller, told Recode that Pishevar’s claims against the firm are “delusional.”

The Pishevar allegations have particular relevance given the numerous charges of sexual assault and harassment against tech executives in Silicon Valley, not to mention in Hollywood, where movie producer Harvey Weinstein has become infamous for his decades-long practice of bullying and intimidating actresses to engage in sexual activity in return for boosting their careers.