The administrator of the shop “Pyaterochka” attacked buyers in Novosibirsk

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Администратор насильно вывел блогера и его оператора на улицу Administrator forcibly brought to the blogger and his operator outside

Today in Novosibirsk works found in one of the stores network “Pyaterochka” expired product and tried to buy it.

At the register the young man was stopped by store Manager, who tried to take away this product. After the failure of the buyer to go in the back room of the store administrator is forcibly brought to the blogger and its operator into the street and began using foul language and threatening young people with punishment.

Полиция задержала администратора «Пятерочки» Police arrested the administrator of “the five”

The police, who arrived on a call of bloggers, detained the administrator of “the five”. At the time of writing this news from the press-service GU MVD of information on this incident was not.

Recently NGS.The NEWS talked about the shot on video evacuation of the vehicle to the impound lot along with a driver.