Pedestrians riot: fans to cut the tube on the yards declared war

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Aggressive in just their yards, defended last week the residents of the street and the two storey houses numbered 25, 26, 29 and 31. The evening of may 11, they waited for them in the yard will call for some cars who is going round the tube on the outside of the Airport through Mochischenskogo highway in Mochishche. After this motorcade headed by the collector car was in the yard, suddenly from all sides the roads were blocked by barricades of garbage cans, construction pallets, and in some places the residents stood on the road in a human shield.

На улице Аэропорт местные жители даже соорудили баррикады — несколько автомобилей оказались в ловушке On the street Airport the locals even erected barricades several cars trapped

“On the one hand put the stroller and the uncle stood up with the child — protects, on the other hand [construction] the pallet raised from the third party signs put up. Is still an uncle with a dog and would not let anyone. <…> Fifteen people there it was: grannies, dedulki, parents with children, boys some ran, uncle this the dog”, — told the reader NGS Mary watching from the window of a taxi. According to her, to break through the barricade was only the collectors, the other persuaded local releasing them back into the tube.

Went further residents of the house on the street of the Revolution, 6. Local residents blocked the gates of a busy street Chaplygina. However, did it, as they say themselves, based on their legal rights: the road passes through an archway in a building and the land belongs to the owners of the house. Gate set in an arch, they open only to local residents or working nearby.

Traffic jams in the city’s careless drivers go round in many places. Correspondent NGS has collected several examples of where this happens with surprising regularity, and the locals are almost ready to start a war.

The head of the Novosibirsk branch of par Vyacheslav Ashurkov told about the eternally suffering on the street Narymsky, 19. This and the adjacent yards are constantly used to detour traffic on Narym in the area of Lenintsev. The drivers for this off the streets Chelyuskintsev and popping up again on the Narym across the street in 1905. Roughly the same route objasalsa tube and in the opposite direction.

“The people of the 19th house howl and say that we need to put the barrier. But the question is, to someone to monitor this barrier. And uncomfortable even that [there is] a lot of through passages for people who live nearby,” — said Vyacheslav Ashurkov and remembered as a positive example, when such “transit” passage at the entrances of the two houses at the Station highway, 3 and 5 residents blocked completely. Somewhere gates, said Ashurkov, but somewhere a strong fence.

Siberian Mariana Berasia remembered that in the area of pedagogical University constantly watched, as the drivers who drove at Bolshevik and took a left in the direction of the University, toured the plug on crossing of streets of Kirov and Elective for the private sector.

“Rode down the street Khitrovskaya. There is no asphalt and in the spring or autumn it’s pretty dirty. If anyone out there is stuck, then created the second tube,” — said Mariana.

Drivers often circle for a long time burning the traffic light to turn to the Bolshevik on the Dobrolyubova street business-center “Yakutia”, passing through the Park. But since this business center, such a transit does not disturb anyone, except inspectors of traffic police who periodically here waiting for violators.

Постоянный транзит через арку в доме на Революции, 6 надоел местным жителям, и они установили ворота Continuous transit through the arch in the building on the Revolution, 6 bothered the locals, and they installed the gate

Another example is building on Vysotsky, 38. It is along the road leading up to the SWC. Pridvorovyh passage of the house, said a local resident Nikita, is used as an additional row almost every winter, when heavy snowfall covers up the main road.

“Several times I have witnessed well-founded conflicts when pedestrians were arguing with the drivers: where are you going, the road there is. What are the drivers responded that the sidewalk is to the right, walk on the sidewalk,” said Nikita, and added that another problem in these parts — in the evening, parked their cars along the beer points. Often the machine is left directly on the carriageway, resulting in traffic jams.

Do not avoid such problems and people living in remote districts of Novosibirsk. The residents of the “Swifts” regularly fall into the tube on Mochischenskogo highway and Cedar street. People go round the tube for the private sector — outside the Arctic.

“Here is the corner where the infectious diseases hospital, cut across the private sector. Go around a stop of public transport “Shop”. <…> I heard that the residents are already thinking to install gates there. The road in the private sector asfaltirovana, and gravel. And its already smashed — load increased. And the children there are constantly going to school and no sidewalks, it turns out, children are on the road,” he described to the correspondent the NHS situation a local woman Elena.

Traffic jams formed on the Gateway in the street Russian in the direction of travel to the campus. The drivers always round the congestion in the yards of the houses along the route.

“Tenants are Russian, 9 put in his yard concrete hemisphere that will be able to pass the “fire” but others can’t. <…> When the passage through the yard became impossible, they (the drivers. — I. K.) they began to pass deeper through the neighborhood. And these balls periodically [some drivers are] trying in vain to move,” said a resident of the neighborhood Evgeny Kryukov.

Residents of the house at Kuprin, 30 suffer from “transient” not least their house is located in a dead end.

“But for some reason on all browsers our yard is designated as a travel. Last year we repaired, so all the cars fly, not reducing speed, and there is an impasse. And winter is still here come the heavy when Dovatora and Yesenin, and the way we break so that we then can not enter. <…> I appealed to the district administration, so there is suggested to put a sign “Residential zone” to all speed decreases, but the sign “dead end”, he said, can be put only at their own expense. Like, apart from us nobody wants it”, — told the senior house Vera Smolensk.

In regional traffic police explained that drivers who try to shorten the distance or to avoid a traffic jam, driving through yards, breaking the rules of the road.

“In a residential area, entrances and exits marked by signs 5.21 and 5.22 (“Living space”. — I. K.), prohibited through traffic. <…> But the requirement of this section, which refers to the movement in residential zones applies also to the yard areas. This is set out in paragraph 17.4. That is, if there is no sign “Residential zone”, but this is the yard area, transit traffic is also prohibited,” — said inspector of the group of propaganda of traffic police of the Novosibirsk region Konstantin Shkabarnya.

For passage through the yards of the SDA provides for a fairly large fine of 1.5 thousand rubles. As explained in the traffic police, these violations are usually fixed while patrolling the yard or complaints from citizens, but in the mass of sins of Novosibirsk at the wheel they occupy a small proportion.

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