Video: spent a week at the Dimitrovsky bridge, the dog returned to the owner

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Оказалось, что собака сбежала около двух недель назад. Она жила на улице Кропоткина — на правом берегу, а нашли её на левом, недалеко от аквапарка it Turned out that the dog ran away about two weeks ago. She lived on the street Kropotkina — on the right Bank, and found her on the left, near the water Park

In Novosibirsk there was the dog’s owner of Copy that we stayed a week in one place near of the Dimitrovsky bridge.

That residents found the dog, NGS told last week, then concerned residents lured the dog into the cage, took him to the hospital, and then was sent to overexposure.

“I got a call two days after the publication of the woman, Tatiana introduced herself, said that a similar dog lived in their backyard. But she didn’t know the apartment number. I went there the next day. Came to the door, came girl, I showed her the photo of the dog. She confirmed that this dog lives with his grandmother in the building, said the apartment number. I went up, knocked, showed the photo, she found out the dog”, — told the correspondent NGS Anna Nagibina, which participated in the operation to rescue dogs last week.

It turned out that the dog went missing two weeks ago — ran away during a walk. The same day Anna took owner to her dog: “She saw that the dog they are both happy. The dog’s name Èapa she’s 10 years old, all these 10 years she lives with this woman. Meeting them was very warm.”

As told to Anna, the owner of the dog said that now Chapa does not depart far from home. “Try to get your business done and head straight home runs,” concluded Anna Nagibina.

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