Here the summer has flown by

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До пляжа в Академгородке многие предпочитают ехать на электричке To the beach in Akademgorodok, many people prefer to go by train

Summer all the way reached Novosibirsk, but not for long. A few days ago citizens were wrapped in a coat, and today crowds come to the station “the Obsky sea” to bask in the sun in the day. At the end of the working week in the city hall reported that this year will open five beaches: three in the Soviet area, two on the left Bank.

Вода в Обском море прогрелась только до 12 градусов The water in the Ob sea is warmed up only to 12 degrees

The chief of Department of safety of people on water objects of the regional Department of emergency situations Yuri Karpov emphasizes that none of the beach does not meet the standards: each has yet to examine the bottom and take water samples. While on the coast of Novosibirsk can only sunbathe. Although those who volunteered to go in the water is unlikely to find: the water temperature in the Ob about 10 degrees, and in the Ob sea is 12 degrees.

To noon Saturday at the Central beach of Academgorodok comes more and more people, but to dip the toes in no solved. On the Bank a lot of shells and small stones from barefoot walking, too, until you should refrain.

Кайтсёрферы ловят момент, когда на Обском море есть стильный ветер и волны Kitesurfers catch the moment when the Ob sea there is a stylish wind and waves

The beach in Berdsk stalled from year to year, one of the most popular: in spite of the remote location and paid Parking (250 rubles), vacationers in the first heat in here a lot. Parking lot in front of recreation Park is already completely crowded with cars. Many cafes and stalls had not yet opened, but the first point has already started working with a decent assortment of milkshakes here for 130 rubles, Mojito and Pina colada for 120 rubles, and the coffee is from 80 to 150.

Девушки считают, что на пляже должна играть музыка Girls think that the beach should play music

Girlfriend Tonya and Allen this year got out to the beach for the first time — previously, there was the weather. “Planned to go on Remix, but it’s not open yet. Weather in General is great — a breeze, so not hot. It would be nice that the music is played well and people were all summer as it is today, and it is sometimes very cramped in here,” say the girls.

Среди отдыхающих на «Бумеранге» много семей с маленькими детьми Among the guests on “Boomerang” a lot of families with young children

On the beach “boomerang” on Obges vengeance smells of barbecue, but in the maze of non-performing kiosks to find where all the same roast meat, is not easy. Of the advantages of this beach — small sand and small number of tourists, also at the entrance was removed a barrier — to call free.

Многие приходят на «Бумеранг» полюбоваться волнами Many people come to the “boomerang” to admire the waves

Of all the beaches here with strong winds squally. Tired of the long winter, the citizens are still drawn to the shore, though, and has to sit in a warm jacket.

Кайтсёрферы облюбовали все пляжи Советского района Kitesurfers have chosen all the beaches of the Soviet district

However, athletes gusty winds just a joy — a dozen kite surfers catch the wave even in the ice of the Ob sea.

Спасатели МАСС уже почистили дно на пляже под Бугринским мостом Rescuers MASSES have cleaned the bottom on the beach under Bugrinskij bridge

Most of all has changed in the past couple of years, the beach near Bugrinskaya grove. A few years ago, nothing has happened, and today — almost full service: changing cabins, taps to wash your feet after the sand, “fungi”, and gazebos that can be rented from 500 rubles per hour. Views Bugrinskij bridge — free.

Opened its first cafe: pork skewers straight from the grill costs 180 rubles, and if you take three, for 160 rubles apiece.

Сейчас на пляже в Бугринской роще есть туалет и кабинки для переодеваний Now on the beach in Bugrinskaya grove has a toilet and lockers disguises

Although on the eve of the rescue of the MASSES cleared the bottom, now here, still everywhere there are signs “Swimming is prohibited”.

Городской пляж уже ставит рекорды по посещаемости — до него относительно просто доехать City beach set the record for attendance — it is relatively easy to drive

Most tourists traditionally on the “Nautilus” — there are already gathered a team of volleyball players and football players, and dozens of teenagers just running around on the beach and laugh out loud, because ahead of them is three month.

Девушки стараются поскорее загореть в самом начале лета Girls quickly try to sunbathe in the summer

“In principle, it’s not bad, but more like the “Star”. We play volleyball, there site even better and easier,” suggest Anna and Lisa.

Некоторые успели сгореть в первый же день на пляже Some managed to burn the first day on the beach

Eugene and Natalya suggest Siberians do not forget to use protective creams and their friend Anton blushed in the first hours under the sun.

“We were not even yesterday (Friday — D. J.), it was warm, but we play volleyball, we even hot. And today, even you can lie down. It’s fun, a lot of people. And Ob also love to travel, but not where everything, and wild beach. There is not enough music — we decided that we needed a dance floor”, — Boyko is responsible for the entire company Eugene.

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Unfortunately, the weather still unstable, today is overcast and only 18. June 1, Novosibirsk weather forecasters made a preliminary forecast of the weather for ten days and the next month — in the first decade of possible sudden changes in temperature.

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