In Novosibirsk have raised flags for Victory Day and began to build a rostrum in the centre

On buildings in Novosibirsk raised the flags as a sign of approaching the 73rd anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war.

In the center of the city flags can be seen, for example, on the Opera house and city hall.

На мэрии сейчас развеваются три флага At city hall now, waving three flags На оперным подняли один флаг Opera raised one flag Кроме того, недалеко от оперного уже начали возводить трибуны In addition, close to the Opera already started to erect the tribune

This morning to prepare for the parade on Lenin square removed all the parked cars — will be there to mount the stage.

And tomorrow Novosibirsk in the morning waiting for the ceiling because of the parade rehearsal — scheme can be found here.