Best in Europe: Roman Vlasov for the third time has earned the prestigious title

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Роман Власов завоевал третий титул чемпиона Европы Roman Vlasov won the third European title

Double Olympic champion and double world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Roman Vlasov won the championship in the Dagestani Kaspiysk is his third victory in this tournament.

According to the Federation of wrestling of Russia, the Novosibirsk held three meetings to reach the final, having won against wrestlers from Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan, and in the final met with the then-current champion of Serbia Viktor Nemes, having won with the account 5:1.

“Confrontation with Viktor Nemes was no less fundamental than the semi-final with Azerbaijani. He is the leader, the reigning world champion, was the winner of the European championship. He went out like a true fighter was willing to give everything for victory, but I was ready for anything. Last night I watched it fight. I had one chance and I used it”, — quotes the athlete website of the Federation.

In the final Roman Vlasov defeated Serbian fighter Victor Nemeth

At the beginning of April in Novosibirsk Greco-Roman style in the weight category up to 77 kg became the winner of the international tournament “memorial Palusalu” in Tallinn — he’s won five duels with the same score 9:0.

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