Intercity bus passengers involved in an accident in the centre of Novosibirsk

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Из-за аварии образовалась пробка because of the accident a traffic jam

In the afternoon of 8 may on the street Serebrennikovskaya in the Central area of Novosibirsk has faced bus of KIA and Hyundai.

The accident happened around 14:10 near the tram stop “Bus station (street Pavement)”.

“Bus KIA and Hyundai turned on Ippodromskaya to the right in the side of the square budaqov. Bus KIA turned with the second strip in the right lane. The girl at Hyundai saw that it goes to the left, and decided to go in the right lane and the collision occurred,” — described the accident emergency commissioners Avtospas.

According to Avramov, passengers from the regular bus route to the City, were transferred to another bus. In the collision no one was hurt. The accident blocked two lanes, causing a traffic jam. Also, according to Avramov, on-site work the traffic police.

Пассажиров пересадили в другой автобус Passengers transferred to another bus

Last week an accident involving a passenger car and bus No. 139paralyzed the movement on the prospectus of Builders in the Soviet district of Novosibirsk.