At the Station turn out the lights: the machine got stuck in traffic

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Светофор перестал работать из-за отключения электричества the Traffic light has stopped working due to a power outage

Day, may 3, at the intersection of Station street and 2nd Station in the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk disconnected lights.

Mark that the traffic lights at the intersection did not work, appeared on Yandex.Maps around 12:40.

“At 12:06 took power there. There or crash, or energy doing something. When restore is unknown. Usually an hour or two,” — said the correspondent of NGS in “Novosibirskenergo” serving the traffic signal.

According to Yandex.Tube intersection is congestion. The speed of the vehicle exceeds 10 km/h. In General, the level of traffic to 13:00 in the city is estimated at 4 points.

Из-за неработающего светофора движение по перекрёстку затруднено A dead traffic light the traffic on the intersection is difficult

One of the latest malfunction of the traffic lights was in early April: in the morning rush hour tube gathered due to broken lights in the Work area.

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