Cucumbers don’t belong here

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The pseudo entrepreneurs and the police

The Chairman of the constant Commission of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk on scientific and production development and entrepreneurship Igor Salov has performed with the report, which said that the problem of illegal trade “is extremely acute,” especially in summer, when the city spontaneously appear trays and vans with vegetables and fruit.

“Natural trader is supremental that does not make any effort to create adequate conditions for trade and in order to legitimize their activities, do not pay taxes, does not pay for the use of municipal land plots. Thereby causes significant damage to the budget of the city of Novosibirsk and creates a bad precedent. Many of these vendors have not only permission to trade, but in General any documents. No passports or medical cards or Declaration on product safety”, — said the Deputy.

He therefore proposed to amend the regional law on administrative offences the new changes is to move the concept of “unauthorized trade” in article 9.1 (“Trade in unspecified places”) in Chapter 4 (“Administrative offenses against public safety and public order”). This will allow to transfer authority for drawing up an administrative report to the police — until they do that the law allows.

Как правило, такие торговцы закупают фрукты и овощи на Хилокском рынке Typically, these traders buy the fruits and vegetables on Hiloksky market

Such changes have been adopted in some regions: Magadan oblast and in the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2013, in the Voronezh region in 2014, in Tyumen region — in 2015.

Members of the city Council unanimously supported this initiative, so now it must be considered in the legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region. In conversation with the correspondent NGS Igor Salov suggested that this will not happen before September.

Igor Salov explained that the city at each farmers ‘ market there are free spaces provided by the book of the gardener. Including at the Central market. So gardeners can sell their surplus agricultural products. There is still a lot of seasonal fairs in each district.

Большое количество продавцов стоит на площади Калинина, недалеко от выхода из метро A large number of sellers stands in Kalinin square, near the subway exit

“The mayoralty of Novosibirsk has promised for this season — spring-summer-autumn — to create additional free space in each district of the city. You have to understand: gardeners, pensioners are not the problem — their share is insignificant. Just sometimes these wonderful people, our seniors, use of groupings, and they don’t sell the excess from their gardens and products from Khilok and other wholesale and retail markets,” summed up Igor Salov.

“We prohibit to trade — funny!”

Elderly woman in retirement, trading near the exit from Zaeltsovskaya, shows the neighbors in the trade — dealers that, in its view, prevent merchants own produce from the garden.

“That’s what sells, and we what to take?! Those who resell. They have tables crammed from morning to evening. And we can its not for them to sell. Here they forbid. Us to ban all trade — ridiculous! I am against such initiative. We are no profits do not have standing here only in order to pay for the garden, seeds, seedlings” — it is indignant.

The proposed MPs changes will allow to transfer authority for drawing up an administrative report to the police, what is she to do

In the garden she gets 6 Grand a year. The cottage is located in Komarovka, in the suburbs. With the sale of greenery, she said, did not earn, but only on vegetables and berries.

“The weather is now — what will grow?! They can’t still: no cucumbers, no tomatoes, but the carrots were sown. With dill generally get a penny. With berries, maybe [will earn] . And without berries — it’s nonsense,” she sighs.

Street trading in the area of Kalinin covers the entire ring. Between the houses at Krasny Prospekt, 186/1 186 and many traders fruit. A woman from Kyrgyzstan refused to give his name and to be photographed, but insisted that she has permission to trade.

“What we remove? Better to leave us. We sellers. The circle here is, they are all without documents, we have documents. When the administration and the “cops” come, take them all, writing the ticket. And we have the tax paid,” she says.

Депутат Игорь Салов говорит, что для пенсионеров есть специально созданные мэрией бесплатные места для торговли — по книжке садовода  Deputy Igor Salov says that for pensioners there is a specially created city hall free places to trade — in the owner of green thumb

Thus Igor Salov says that no permission for trading on Kalinin square, just not be granted to: trade there is not provided in principle.

Near the Central market, from the street Michurina, also sell fruit. Here is a man who sells passport covers, combs, sponges for shoes and stuff. “Yes, we have become accustomed: periodically, the administration and the police come, the protocols are. And so constantly. In Russia there is no future, girl, one day live”, exclaims the salesman who introduced himself as Makar Fedotkinym.

Next to it a trader the cherries to the question of whether it goes to the police, he honestly admits that goes. So it turns out that at the legislative level it wants to allow, but in practice, the sellers say that the joint raids of the administration and the police still carried out. Probably, the question boils down to preparation of the Protocol by the police.

Сами торговцы говорят, что полиция всё равно периодически участвует в рейдах вместе с администрацией The traders say that police still regularly participate in raids together with the administration

Makar Fedotkin said that the raids became less frequent compared to last year. While reporters NGS communicate with the dealer, the counter appears rare buyer — a woman takes Makar one comb.

“Yes, once a week, one comb buy passport covers — and they stopped buying. Now generally don’t take anything, just to eat. People grab loans, mortgages and so on, and they salary will not increase, but rather decrease. He got paid — half the rent, what could be the passport covers? He poses a choice: or babulki of bread to buy, or the cheapest passport cover. No, better bolboci bread,” he muses about the purchasing power.

Makar Fedotkin engaged in this trade for 22 years. Traded all that in demand, — rubber bands, chains, hangers, belts, blouses, sports suits. Reversed: either the flea market or the Bank.

Макар Федоткин говорит, что уличных торговцев гоняют постоянно, они уже привыкли Makar Fedotkin said that street vendors are driven constantly, they are already used

“Near “Versailles” last year traded: the Lenin administration periodically visited us, protocolic properly accounted for. Then the administration of “Versailles” we protested, although this is municipal area. I police officer confirmed this. It got to the point that the guards came out and kicked tables. 20 people we broke up. If anything, we will go to another town, where not to drive,” recalls Fedotkin about the fight against street trading.

Igor Salov believes that effective method of struggle will be the police, if changes to the legislation will bring: “If these changes are adopted, then the police appears to the authority and, accordingly, the problem is to deal with this phenomenon. They will be able to participate in our raids, who are satisfied with the district administration, and organize their. According to experts, it is the police that this problem is very quickly solved”, — said Salov.

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