Birds with long beaks started to build their nests near Novosibirsk

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Сейчас у птиц идёт брачный период Now in birds the mating season

Forest near Novosibirsk flooded woodcock — birds have begun to nest and prepare for the mating period.

“The woodcock arrives quite early, but in General they are active, when the snow melts — at this time they begin mating flights. Woodcock is widely distributed, but rarely meets. The bird is more characteristic of European forests, < … > we Have a square kilometer there is one bird. They are found mostly in mixed forests. Woodcocks do not form clusters”, — told the correspondent NGS ornithologist Alexey Yanovsky.

“As in art stories and messages ornithologists in different literary sources say about the ability of female woodcock in the case of danger to carry even the grown Chicks from one forest swamps on the other. If run, the beak, as if in flight, clutching a baby bird’s legs to its body,” — says Alexey Yanovsky.

Volunteers of the “Center for rehabilitation of birds of prey” reported that last week they received three complaints of the injured woodcock. All birds were found in the city with various injuries.

Вальдшнеп живёт в смешанных лесах The woodcock lives in mixed forests

“One found near the Central market, another is in the area of marks. The third was also found in the city. Birds are very fragile and they are very difficult to nurse. Often birds do not survive,” — said the press Secretary of the “Center for rehabilitation of birds of prey” Alice Bogomolov.

Migratory birds continue to return to Novosibirsk from the wintering grounds in early April, came the starlings and pine Buntings.

Reference: the woodcock is a bird of the family bekeshovich. Feeds mainly at night, is very well-versed in the dark. The menu includes earthworms, insects, molluscs and crustaceans, seeds, young shoots, roots, berries. Woodcocks often become prey to hunters.

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