Putin awarded the son Tuleyev and a large family of Novosibirsk region

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Дмитрий Тулеев получит медаль ордена «За заслуги перед Отечеством» II степени Dmitry Tuleyev received a medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about rewarding with the state awards — the list includes seven residents of the Novosibirsk region.

The presidential decree published on the state portal of legal information.

Among the winners were Dmitry Tuleyev, head of the Federal office of roads “Siberia” and the son of the former Governor of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev. He will receive the medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree.

In a press-service of “Sibupravtodor” correspondent NGS reported that have not yet received the papers about the awards, and added that, most likely, to the medal Tuleyev has put forward in Rosavtodor. The office suggested that Tuleyev will be awarded for the development of road sector.

“Dmitriy Amanovich working in it (in the industry. — E. G.) 18 years, including 14 years by FUAD “Siberia”. He built the Northern bypass of Novosibirsk, in particular, a number of other important objects. In principle, management is one of the strongest in the structure of the Agency, which includes 37 offices. Another version is probably the 50th anniversary of the coming of our leader”, — said the press service.

Order “Parental glory” for merits in strengthening of Institute of family and upbringing of children decided to reward James and Lily Vahitovich from Kyshtovka. According to the press service of the Governor and government NSO, in 2016, the family was among the 79 winners of the first all-Russian contest “family of the year – 2016” in the category “rural family”. Then it was reported that the family brings up seven children.

Among others awarded — compiler station trains Inya Vostochnaya Sergei Putilov. He will receive the medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree. Turner factory “Trud” Michael Gorin and assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the same plant Gennadiy Chuckles will receive the title of “Honoured mechanical engineer of Russian Federation”.

Scientific Director of the Institute of theoretical and applied mechanics SB RAS, and the Deputy Chairman of SB RAS Vasily Fomin. It will reward “for his great contribution to the development of science and many years of diligent work” — academician will receive the “Order of Alexander Nevsky”.

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