The Finns launched a service that turns Novosibirsk in the dark Wallpaper

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Finnish designer Alvar Carto company, which is engaged in manufacturing of posters with maps of various cities around the world, has launched a service where for free you can get Wallpaper for your smartphone — you can choose any city including Novosibirsk.

Так выглядит Новосибирск сверху It looks like the top of Novosibirsk

The site is proposed to select the model of the smartphone, and the scale of the map and specific areas that the user wants to.

Площадь Маркса и улицы вокруг неё напоминают паутинку The square of Marx and the streets around it resemble a cobweb

Cards are accessible in four color options: black, dark gray, light gray and pink.

Любой пользвователь может заказать постер с изображением своего двора Any polzovatel can order a poster with a picture of your yard

The company also offers to order a poster on the wall — it costs from 39 to 69 euros, depending on size.

In December Yandex.The interpreter began working with ABC, I can try to guess in the test NGS that meant Novosibirsk officials.

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