Four cars stood in the train on Bogdashka

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ДТП произошло около 17:50 the accident happened around 17:50

The evening of may 4 in Novosibirsk, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo street the accident occurred, which came from 4 machines.

The accident happened near a stop “Department Store “Kalininsky””.

“Cars Toyota Funcargo, Chevrolet, Toyota Premio and VAZ moved on Bohdan Khmelnytsky street side of the Tank towards the staff room. Toyota Premio, Funcargo Chevrolet and stayed in the flow, and the driver “the Zhiguli” has not managed to stay distracted from management,” report of emergency commissioners Avtospas.

The result of these reasons cars stood up in the train. Overcome note that the drivers are waiting for traffic police, and the place is going tube.

Водитель автомобиля «Жигули» не успел остановиться The driver of the car “Lada” did not have time to stop На место вызвали автоинспекцию Into place caused the DMV Авария случилась недалеко от остановки «Универмаг "Калининский"». The accident happened near a stop “Department Store “Kalininsky””.

At the end of April NGS were told about another “train” of four vehicles — then the accident happened on the Avenue Dimitrov.

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