“I park like an eccentric”: Lexus 555 – off the stop

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«Я паркуюсь как чудак»: Lexus 555 — прочь с остановки

Opens the issue of Lexus with numbers 555, which can stand directly at a public transport stop. In vain, if not, a car with such numbers bought.

“Kurchatova, 37. And so every day, with the stroller you need to go to the next traffic light, and then go back 150 meters to get home,” the reader laments Irina.

He hid himself comfortably from the rain.

“This bad driver constantly parked on the lawn at Vatutina, 11/1, comes to the kindergarten for the child. He made a note to him – the driver replied that he did not see the lawn, they say, there is no grass in this place. I think it is clear that the place allows you to park on the road, “- says the reader Eugene.

It was necessary to stand on the bench, which is simply on the grass.

“They blocked the pass for pedestrians and wheelchairs to Greenwich, the favorite place for walking, I had to go around the lawn,” Pauline is unhappy.

Stand up and unload on the sidewalk? Easily.

Another lover of parking on the grass.

“That’s decided to park the Hyundai driver on Frunze Street, having stopped on the oncoming lane,” Eugene writes to us.

“Porsche Cayenne” adds +500 to karma and allows parking on lawns. Even if it is ancient and costs 600 thousand.

“Zalessky Street, parking on the lawn. Fantasy “, – estimated the picture reader Irina.

Well, this black “Camry” 333 is regularly seen on a wheelchair, there are no signs on the car.

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