17-year-old Novosibirsk took third place in the race on the road in Germany

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Тимофей Овчаров после гонки в Чехии в 2017 году Timothy shepherds after the race in Czech Republic to 2017

17-year-old Novosibirsk racer Timothy Ovcharov took third place in the first round of the European championship on autocross, which was held at the weekend in the German city of Seelowe.

“The race took place on 5 and 6 may. The European championship it was. We have more than 10 years in this sport. Prepare constantly and sportsmanship, and psychologists working with him. The car is being prepared in Europe, she stands there and fully serviced we are from Russia, it does not carry. In three weeks will race in Latvia, then Lithuania, Germany, the last weekend of June in the Czech Republic. The remaining stages will be in August. The sum of the stages determines the champion of the year. Timothy — two-time bronze medal winner”, — told the correspondent NGS father of the rider Nikolay Ovcharov.

Багги Тимофея на трассе Timothy buggy on the track

Races in Timothy participates in the category of buggy, which is called the “clay formula” — a car that is specifically built for autocross. Got the buggy all wheel drive, engine capacity of 600 cubic centimetres and a power of 140 horsepower.

“Timothy officially became a member of Russian national team, before we went as traders. Timothy speaks in the Junior category, only three of them included in the team. The team made only this year”, — told about the achievements of the son of Nikolai Ovcharov.

Тимофей на награждении The Timothy award

Motorsports Timothy Ovcharov, started in 2006, after with his father for the first time went on contest. In 2015, Timothy became the silver medalist of the European championship autocross championship in France in 2016, has won the first stage of the European championship autocross in Germany.

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