The shores of Elizowka covered with mountains of garbage

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Свалка вдоль берега 1-й Ельцовки. Фото читателя НГС Dump along the shore 1st Eltsovka. Photo reader NGS

After the onset of spring and April Saturdays the city’s residents began to complain about piles of garbage in the yards of homes and on the streets for several days in a row, the readers send in edition of NGS photographs of garbage heaps.

If you notice in the city of an unauthorized dump or uncleared garbage, which turned into a huge pile to send us photos via WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram number 8-923-157-00-00, mailnews@ngs.ruor click “Report your news” on our website.

  • At the same time, the active Novosibirsk announce the upcoming Saturday. 12 may at 11:00 everyone to clean the river Kamenka are waiting near Adrien Lejeune, 15.

“After our work day, the collected waste goes to further processing. Recycled produced many useful things. For example, from 25 plastic bottles to make 1 fleece jacket or blazer, and 670 aluminium cans — whole bike! All of the collected debris, we sort and send for processing”, — stated in the “Sweep in Novosibirsk!” the social network “Vkontakte”.

  • One of our readers took video of the nameless passage near the West-Siberian film Studio.
  • Yesterday in a group in social network “Vkontakte” the reader complained about the view from the window, which opens from the RC “Astra”.Novosibirets said that every spring along the banks of the 1st Eltsovka arise trash heap.

Dump along the shore 1st Eltsovka. Photo reader NGS

  • Another reader reported a dump in the street Zaleski — she also attached two photos taken with a difference in two days.

Piles of garbage tanks near the houses on the street Zalessky

Dump Zaleski — two days the situation has not changed

And on the eve of NGS told about the huge dump on the street Panfilov.

Dump Panfilov. Photo By Yuriy Leontiev

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