Disciplinary battalion: dead city

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40-th separate disciplinary battalion (in/CH № 75141) lasted until the fall of 2011. He was on the street Malygina for Hiloksky market. And there were 40 disciplinary battalion in 1946 as the 25th ODB. This sent military personnel who have committed serious crimes. Disbanded the disciplinary battalion in the framework of the military reform and some time after the incident, when the soldiers shot the officer. Now this place is called the disciplinary battalion. With a capital letter.

In the early years of the 40th disciplinary battalion was the abandoned military town of a few dozen buildings, where he remained for the furniture and some household items. Over time, military something took out, and once removed the guard, all that remained was immediately plundered.

Now there remained only the broken buildings with bare walls that attract the attention of stalkers, roofers, homeless Yes, players in airsoft. Latest regularly come here on several machines and scare the locals incessant shots.

Asphalt parade ground between the buildings (on the left in the photo — the hospital) for several years and was covered with weeds. And in some places even increased the heavy trees. All the buildings here are relatively new construction — 1970-90-ies.

One of the two barracks for the prisoners. In the centre concrete corridor to build. Beds stood along the Windows on the right and left on the wooden floor. Sex itself has long been dismantled.

On one of the walls in the barracks has been preserved a fragment of the soldier’s art: a poster with pasted clippings from magazines. Here are the photos of Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Jackie Chan, as well as images embossed girls and bodybuilders.

Judging by the inscriptions on the walls, just before the emergence of the disciplinary battalion of correspondents NGS it was visited by guests from Khakassia Kalyan and Haran. They visited 19 April and, judging from the inscriptions already on the other wall, peacefully consumed alcoholic beverages.

The cellars under buildings in the disciplinary battalion is quite spacious and high. Then, as I recall, the Internet by eyewitnesses, it is their own production, which were occupied by the convicts. However, there is no single version of what were doing out here. Some claim: what kind of wooden type nard and clear.

Present and some underground structures. Or a bomb shelter, but then it is quite shallow, or it was just a vegetable store.

Find in the disciplinary battalion, though some unusual thing from the past this object is very difficult: a solid waste of plastic bottles, Yes bottles of yogurt. Interesting exhibits, such as this small wooden box green in color, are extremely rare.

One of the brick buildings, apparently, was sporting purposes. This is a huge gym. Completely broken, but preserved on the wall the slogan: “Warrior, be strong!” “frescos,” written, probably by someone of the inmates.

These paintings remained in the hospital corps. Apparently, before there was a small foyer. On one wall is a landscape with birches, on the other side a sailing ship.

An Assembly and a cinema room in the building, which was something of a club. The inscription “Democracy is the fulfillment of the law!” sounds a bit mocking to what occurred in the disciplinary battalion. Of course, the execution of the laws here was brutal, but that’s about the democracy we hardly went. 40th disciplinary battalion was considered one of the worst, where conditions were worse than in prison. However, and soldiers were exiled here for a very serious crime: the brutal beating of fellow officers, rape, robbery, etc.

Decorative fireplace in the soldiers ‘ case. Built some military personnel nicknamed the Kama. Two years ago, an eyewitness on the forum, where they discussed the 40th disciplinary battalion, wrote: “I Remember Cama (Camille), a surname I will not name, he was the company looking after Grisha”.

Depends on the territory of the disciplinary battalion in the solid waste landfill, where they work and live people. And over the dump clouds rush crows, gulls and even ducks. The barbed wire is only preserved on this site.

People live here and next to the disciplinary battalion — literally in a concrete fence. On the street Malygina, there are a number of private wooden houses, a two-story building and two three-story house. Naturally, all overlooking the dump and the disciplinary battalion.

With a view to the dump here, even the various administrative and production buildings, which are rented. The two-story building in the photo is located directly next to Klasicheskoe cemetery. In the archway of the building visible landfill.

Local residents repeatedly wrote complaints about the problems associated with abandoned disciplinary battalion, and a garbage landfill that smells, and regularly burning. As noted by one of the residents of the house on the street Malygina 25/1, out their Windows they see not only a dump, but sometimes you still stink of it.

In addition to the landfill to local residents concerned about the problems that are known to any city dweller. In the photo a Playground with a new slide protect metal bars. Say, unscrupulous drivers are parked where children play.

Oldest person in the house Lydia Terekhova (pictured right) tells us how they have repeatedly tried to find out from your MP, do you plan to settle. The Deputy was silent. Correspondent NGS received a response to this issue at city hall: “House on the street Malygina, 23, 25 and 25/1 not recognized as emergency and subject to demolition or reconstruction”. And the disciplinary battalion is a Federal territory and municipality does not apply, explained ibid., at city hall.

“We’re used to, of course, to live here. The most necessary for life. Market, Church, and cemetery… oddly enough”, — whether seriously, or ironically remarked to the correspondent NGS goodbye Lydia Terekhova.

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