These Small and Stylish Prefab Houses Float on Pontoons

Way cooler than a regular old houseboat.


(Photo: Kodasema/Riku Kylä)

Created by the Estonian design company Kodasema, the KODA Light Float floating house is designed to float on a pontoon in a canal, yacht harbor, or private lake.

Even better, the tiny floating homes don’t require a foundation and can be assembled in just seven hours.


(Photo: Kodasema/Riku Kylä)

These striking little floating lofts are pint-sized at just 277 square feet, but feature a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, a wooden terrace, plus 11-foot ceilings.


(Photo: Kodasema/Riku Kylä)

A flight of stairs takes you up into the bedroom, and a ladder outside leads to the roof for times you want to get some sun.


(Photo: Kodasema/Riku Kylä)

Customize this tiny minimalist abode by choosing plywood or timber exterior, and either a spruce terrace with a pine border, or larch terrace with a glass border.

Inside Hook reports that the company suggests turning the Koda Light — which can also be installed on land — into a “harbour cafe, artist’s studio … summer retreat or a fisherman’s dream.”

Learn more about the KODA Light Float right here.

The company is so far only selling them in Europe, but should be shipping to the U.S. sometime soon.

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