This Xbox One Looks Like An Oreo Because Why Not

Microsoft has released some unique-looking Xbox One designs over the years, but this new one takes the cake errr cookie. Microsoft has partnered with the makers of Oreo to create an Xbox One X that looks like the splashed white-and-black look of a tasty Oreo cookie.

You can win one of these new Xbox One X consoles through Oreo’s «The Stuf Inside» sweepstakes. The contest is open only to people in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. You can scan a participating Oreo package for a chance to win the custom Xbox One X. The full terms and conditions are available here on the Stuf Inside sweepstakes website.

Back in September, Microsoft announced lots of custom Xbox One consoles that it was auctioning off for charity. The designs were designed and signed by people like Post Malone, Ludacris, Jack Black, Usain Bolt, and many other famous people. You can see them all here.

Microsoft is rumoured to announce its next wave of Xbox consoles at E3 2019 in June, where the company also plans to show off Halo Infinite.

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